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Are your skills holding you back?

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An old friend sent a FB message: “Hey! Long time! Need to update my LinkedIn bio ‘cuz I’m working on a promotion/new job. Can you help me?”

Hmmmm, I’m great with writing & words. I excel at pulling ideas out of people’s minds & making it sound just like them on paper.

Maybe I should offer this service?

Another friend suggested I network with non-profit leaders to offer content audits - because their messaging is often off-target. 

Ooohh, I’m great at breaking down why something isn’t working & show people how to tweak it to make it work.

(Toot! Toot! There goes my own horn!) 

Maybe I should spend time on this

I knew my SKILLs could lead to TONS of varied offers: 

content audits · writing sales pages · creating home pages · generating email series · etc. etc. etc.

But any time I tried to offer one in the marketplace, I felt paralyzed…

Too many “I offer this AND this AND this” was confusing - even to me!

What do I help people achieve?

 What work do I LOVE doing?

What lights me up?

Do you know the answers to these questions for yourself? 

(Why are these questions SO DAMN HARD?!)

 Instead of assessing “What skills do I have?”, I NOW ask, “What problem do I want to solve?”

No longer seeing myself as a set of skills, I have a solution I want to bring to the marketplace.

What’s the problem I want to solve? Content confusion & overwhelm. 

I want to change the belief that creating marketing content is an all-consuming activity. 

I solve this problem by teaching customized ways to make content easy AND do the heavy lifting in their business 

- without confusion or overload.

My clients go from creating content by the seat of their pants…

Content that nobody’s looking at anyway

to being a content marketing powerhouse using a personalized content strategy, content vault, & content system that works exactly right for them!

Are you that clear in YOUR offers?

I decided I ONLY work with people who WANT to bring THEIR voice in THEIR way with THEIR message into the world - 

This means - 

  • If you want to hand over your email marketing to someone - I’m not your person!
  • If you want me to write your sales pages FOR you - I’m not your person. 
  • If you want to use pre-created scripts to plug & play into your Instagram posts, I’m not your person

This has alleviated…

  1. Hours mulling over new offers to generate dollars
  2. Endless marketing + sales pages + pricing for numerous offers
  3. Expending energy doing work that depletes me

Letting go of seeing myself as a set of skills has freed me up, incredibly!

It stopped me from thinking I must do ALL the things I have the skills to do!

Now, I focus on taking people from Their Problem to Their Solution - and I only do it with 3 offers:

  1. The Content Creator’s Membership $47/month
  2. The Mastermind - small group coaching program $1200/month
  3. The Your Signature System Program $3500 (beta pricing)

My offers, pricing, marketing, sales process are streamlined - 

But most importantly - I HAVE MORE TIME & ENERGY.

My brain no longer entertains “What if I offered this?” “Where can I squeeze THAT in?”

Do you want that kind of clarity? That kind of peace?

Design your own Signature System - which we also use to generate 6-9 months of content!

Check out the program here & set up your Q&A Discovery Session.

Xo, Jen

TL;DR: It’s time to stop offering EVERYTHING & streamline. You don’t need to do MORE to achieve success…

We can show you HOW, if you’re ready for support!

PPS: Here’s a sample from a Signature System:

PPPS: Can you imagine how much easier this would make your business?

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Outline that book

Write your content

Devise that webinar 
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