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Don’t forget RESULTS in your content!

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Between 1989 & 1992, I spent LOTs of time in bars drinking, singing, & screaming over the noise.

Indoor smoking hadn’t yet been banned, so I also inhaled volumes of second-hand smoke…

It’s no wonder I spent my final semester at college literally without a voice

When it did show up, it was crackly (think Peter Brady’s puberty) or husky (Demi Moore/Kathleen Turner - but without the ‘80s sex appeal.)

Turns out I had nodules on my vocal cords - making it necessary to explain & apologize the minute I opened my mouth in any situation - 

class discussions…parties…my hostess job in a fancy fine-dining restaurant.

The college doctor couldn’t help me get the problem under control because it wasn’t his expertise.

ALL I WANTED - desperately - was to have my VOICE back so I could stop straining, be heard clearly, & stop feeling embarrassed!

That’s why post-graduation, home on Long Island, I immediately headed to an Ear, Nose, & Throat specialist.

THAT’s who helped me stop sounding like a 3-pack-a-day smoker & finally get my voice back.

I needed what most of us need to get solutions to our problems: a specialist!

Everyone wants results, most importantly, our audience & clients!

What would truly benefit our content marketing and make it easier to connect with our audience is to talk about the RESULTS they want and the OUTCOMES we help them achieve!

For example, in an Instagram post, instead of an inspirational meme, paint the picture of a very clear SUCCESS that a customer experienced - 

Or in a LinkedIn post, instead of a “I’m so honored to be working with this company”, speak about the exact results they are destined to achieve with your facilitation.

Makes sense.

Seems easy.

So why don’t we talk more about the RESULTS we help people achieve in our content & marketing? 

Honestly - think about when you ask your people what they really want.

They often say,  “I just want XYZ to be better/easier/faster.” 

You’ve seen this messaging everywhere: promises to “get you unstuck” or “transform your life” — lots of generic “better”, “easier”, “faster” content is out there.

But that shit doesn’t fly in the marketing world, unless you’re a big name with a large following. 

Yes, Marie Forleo can put out a lead magnet called, “How to get what you want” & get tons of traction.

Marie has 644K Instagram followers. Even if only 1% of her audience sees a given post, she’s gonna get 64K people’s eyes on her stuff.

This is why your marketing as a personal brand needs to DIFFERNETIATE you and the results you help people achieve.

BUILD your audience by establishing yourself as a specialist!

It took me a while, but I finally nailed the specifics of what my clients want: 

  1. To figure out this content thing - so they can stop wasting time & effort on shit that doesn’t work.
  2. To stop being invisible & attract the RIGHT clients, so they can start making the money they’ve been dreaming of.
  3. Simple systems for consistency -. so they can be heard above the noise & connect with the people who need them.

ESSENTIALLY: Show me WHAT to say, HOW to say it, & WHO to say it to!

(Pretty specific, right?)

Creating a Signature System helped me differentiate myself and see get focused on the exact LANE of traffic I want to work within.

^This is what I specialize in. Helping people become a content powerhouse.

It’s really freeing to know this!

How ‘bout you?  What do YOUR people want? What do YOU specialize in? 

Differentiating ourselves takes exploration, clarity, & effort

Standing out as a specialist - if you haven’t done this work yet - is worth your time because you’ll - 

  • stop wasting your energy creating content no one sees or that doesn’t land
  • AND create offers they want & seek out!

The online world only gets noisier, busier, & more crowded —

Stand out as the SPECIALIST you are by identifying the EXACT RESULTS your people want…

PS: If this is a struggle for you, The Signature Solution Program takes you through the process step-by-step in

Differentiate yourself AND create a clear signature system that distinguishes you in a crowded marketplace.

You’ll ALSO co-create a CONTENT VAULT with us - personalized to you & making marketing infinitely easier!

The Signature Solution Program goes deep, creates clarity, & helps you see the concrete SOLUTIONS, RESULTS, & OUTCOMES your audience wants.

Learn about the program here & get on the Consultation calendar. If it’s not a good fit, we’ll direct you to something more fitting for you…

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