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Strategic Content Creation - Part 1 : Create Nurturing Content

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When putting nurture content out there, do you sometimes:

Do it just to get it crossed off the list?
Feel unsure whether you have a strategy – and if so, is it working?
Get energetically & mentally depleted by this work?

ALL THAT is normal. AND it’s not helping you!

So, today I unpack the first 3 steps in creating more strategic content.

Meaning: create nurturing content THAT DOES THE HEAVY LIFTING FOR YOU!

So- no more spaghetti, linguini, and rigatoni thrown against the wall.
No more shrugging and saying, "Well. I got it out there."

Instead, learn how to get your nurturing content to do more FOR you!

‘Cuz it’s supposed to lead to conversions. Sales. Clients. Customers.

Is your content doing that? Listen in & make these small shifts!

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Full Transcript

So today I want to cover three steps in the content creation process to help you more strategically create content.

Something I notice is that people get so freaked out about putting content out there, that they just put content out there almost for the sake of crossing it off the list or feeling some relief that it actually got done.

Today, I want to talk about 3 ways that you can strategically start to do this so that you don't feel like you're throwing spaghetti and rigatoni and elbow pasta at the wall and trying to make your content do something for you.

These are the first three steps in my five-step system in this video. I just really want to cover these three steps because they can make such a huge difference.

I'll cover the next two steps in a separate video, but let's get going.

So the first step about creating content strategically is to actually think about it as a strategy. What is your end goal?

Why are you doing content in the first place?

Now, we all know that content is nonnegotiable in today's world.

We all know that your audience requires to get to know you and learn to trust you and try out some of your stuff before they commit to you. And so we understand, as online entrepreneurs, that this whole content thing — as much of a pain in the ass as we think it is— it’s necessary.

But how could you be doing it better? How could you be doing it better for yourself and for your audience?

Because we always want to keep our audience in mind when we're creating content. So the first thing is, “What's my strategy? Why am I doing content in the first place?”

Step one: start with the end in mind. What do you want your content to do for you over the next 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 weeks?

Think about it. What's going on in your business? Do you have something that people are going to want to buy or opt into or engage with?

Or are you at that part of your business where you're really struggling to get known, and people need to know who you are and what you do?

And your message is super important at that point because you really haven't even established that for people, you don't really have an audience.

You're building an audience and creating brand awareness. If that's where you are, and that's where you are, stop trying to get your content to do everything for you in one felled swoop. It doesn't work that way.

You can certainly think about the end by asking this question, “Why am I creating content in the first place?” That's the question you start with.

Think about the end in mind before you start creating.

So many people don't do this, which means they're just kind of all over the place when they're splattering their content out there.

Strategically think, Why am I doing content?

Second: what is the platform you want to use? So this question, step two, is really all about, “Where do I want to put my content? “Where is it going to show up online?”

Now, I'm not just talking socials here. Maybe you don't even use socials.

Maybe you have a podcast and maybe you just use an email list.

Maybe you only use socials. It doesn't matter to me where you put your stuff, just stop trying to put it everywhere because it can be quite exhausting for you, and also your audience can't keep up with it.

So step two is “Where should my content go?” The question is one that only you can answer.

Where do you like to be? What do you have capacity for? Where is your audience?

What's the nexus of those things?

Because if you hate writing, why would you do a blog? A blog is not a good platform for you!

If you hate being on video and you haven't built that muscle up yet…

(And yes, yes, yes, it's important!)

But if you haven't built that muscle up yet, why would you start on TikTok?

It's never going to be consistent for you.

So step two is “Where do I want to be?” And it has to be sustainable and realistic for you.

The other thing I'm going to say about this is, depending on your capacity, your time, your energy and also your team, is, “What do you have capacity for in terms of where you want to be?”

 Because you can like, throw up a TikTok and throw up a YouTube and throw up your blog and you can make all of these things posted and there's software that helps you do that.

But if you don't have the capacity to actually engage with any of it, it doesn't matter. The only reason that I'm in so many places is because I have an amazing team who's really expert at this stuff. And so we are able to repurpose my stuff in several places, many places, many more than if I were just working by myself.

So please consider, what the hell do you have capacity for? Stop trying to be everywhere.

OK, step three is the biggest one. It's my favorite to talk about. I call this the Umbrella Method. The question you're asking here is, “What do I want to say?”

I already know why I'm saying stuff, I know where I'm going to put my stuff.

Now the question is, “What kind of stuff do I actually want to put out in the world? What do I want to say?”

And a mistake that people make here is they try to say all the things they have to say about this topic and again, they don't do it strategically.

So, back in step one, you asked yourself, “Why am I creating this content? What heavy lifting do I want my content to do?”

“What do I want it to achieve for me?”

What you say in your content for that group of weeks should inform that goal. So if your goal is, “I really want people to opt into this new lead magnet that I have”, well, what do you need to say in your content to get people to do that?

And I'm not just talking about your call to action. I'm talking about what needs to be inside that content so that they can understand why they need it, how it will make their life better, maybe what myths they need to unpack around that thing, a story to help them engage with it.

Not only just background information, but like shifts that they might need to make in order to get what they need to know to eventually opt-in for your thing.

So when you are thinking about what to say, it has to go back to your why and the other second piece of this. So we take that strategy and then we apply a tactic. The tactic is say less. Think about all that you can say about that topic.

And that's what we're calling the Umbrella Topic, right? Like, “I want to talk about this big idea. I have so much to say about it, but I'm splattering it in like one gigantic blog post or an hourlong podcast.”

What if you broke up those ideas into four, five, six subtopics? I promise you, you are an expert.

You know a lot about your thing. You have a lot to say about your thing.

So if you took that topic and you just made a Google Doc with that word at the top and you started just bulletpointing all the things you know and want to say about that, how many pieces of content could you get out of that?

And maybe you're a visual person, maybe it needs to look a certain way. Maybe you need to create some kind of visual for yourself where there's like a center idea and then you do spokes.

Or maybe you're just like a word vomit person.

You just need to brain dump it all out of your head and onto a piece of paper and then you sort through it and sift through it and pull out the gems.

But if you are trying to say everything in every piece of content that you have, you're going to be exhausted. Your clients and your audience are going to be overwhelmed, and they're going to click off from it because nobody has that kind of capacity, especially as where we are right now.

So the Umbrella Method is a really great way to wring miles more out of your content.

So think about that umbrella content: the theme, the idea, the subject, the problem, whatever it is you want to teach that relates back to the why that you're doing the content in the first place, and then break down all those ideas.

Trust me, you have so much to say and it could go so much farther for you. So I want you to keep that in mind!

There's a whole other thing I want to talk about here very quickly is that you can have this system. I mean this system is like boom, there it is, right?

And the next two steps I'll talk about in another video because they go a little bit deeper into other things.

But are you energetically depleted by thinking things like this?


  • I need to be everywhere. 
  • I need to do everything.
  • I need to constantly have my visuals changing and updated and look different.
  • There's already people out there who are doing this and they have millions of followers and hundreds of thousands of followers or tens of thousands of followers and I don't


Are you thinking like this person is already an expert in this? 

Why do I need to be in this space? 

My stuff needs to be perfect.

These are the things that energetically deplete you from putting your content out there in the first place. All of the comparison you're doing…

all the not believing that you know enough, all of the believing it has to be perfect to be out there.

It doesn't. And if you are taking a look at anybody's content, mine included, you will see how imperfect and just real person it is.

If you're trying to be some level of perfection, that's another thing holding you back. So the perfection, the comparison and the worry like what are people going to think?

Because you have built this business to make money, to share your creativity, to get some freedom and content is a non negotiable.

So until you move through all this mental garbage that's holding you back energetically, not just the system, the system is there, but I can give you the system.

Until you let go of some of the energetic stuff, you're still going to feel overwhelmed, overwrought, and overdone by content. So get started with these three steps.

The first one is why am I creating content? The second question is where do I want to put it.

And the third one is what am I going to say to achieve step one?

It's just not as complicated as you've made it out to be. It just needs to be more strategic so you are not just doing this all the time.

If you're looking for access to the system in a much deeper way, like you get it, but you want to see examples. You want to look over my shoulder as I'm creating my own content, as I'm repurposing my content.

I actually have a digital product that you can download and have access to immediately go to and you can have the whole thing for $37.

It’s literally a system you can tweak to be your own and reuse every single time you want to create content, whether it's for a week or a month or a season, whatever it is!

It teaches you all the hows, and not in a way that's prescriptive, but in a way that's descriptive.

So we describe what you want, and we get it done for you that way. So go check that out. If you have questions, please leave a comment.

Let me know what you think. Let me know what your struggles are with content creation, because I'm really here for it.

And I know that it's in a way, and I know that it's maybe a little bit of me, but you need to put your content out there, and your audience is dying to hear from you in your very you kind of way. So lean into your YOUness, okay?

Talk to you later.




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