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It’s been 6 months I’ve been part of a coaching course & program - 

But every week, I still scramble for the live coaching call ZOOM link…

I start hunting 15 minutes before, panicked I’m gonna miss it.

Why isn’t it on the Google cal invite?

Why didn’t they send an email reminder?

The ‘success team’ insists it’s in the course site (I can’t find it) and the Google cal (It really isn’t! I swear!!).

When I look for the recordings & PDFs - along with the links the instructor referred to - THEY AREN’T THERE…

Or I can’t find them!

The thing is - yessss, I know I’m a grownup -and having my shit together is my responsibility…


In addition, it’s been…ummm…challenging to communicate with & get responses from the facilitator. 

As a client, I want to feel taken care of (especially when I’ve spent a lot of time & money on a program) & for things to be easy. 

I’m not gonna apologize for that.

You know, we spend soooo much time nurturing our audience to get them to convert - 

that sometimes we forget what comes after they click the “BUY NOW” button

Beyond filling our programs, marketing on social media, creating Reels & Tik Toks - 

Doing sales calls, writing sales pages, and making sure all the tech works…

Some of the most vital aspects of our content happen after they CLICK HERE button!

Relationship building, transparent communication, & clear content does not end at the checkout counter.

Once someone goes from AUDIENCE MEMBER to CLIENT, they need to be shepherded, nurtured further, and taken care of!

This is why I asked digital strategist & Kajabi expert, Sandra Scaiano, to share her PEAK framework with you.

Sandra generously outlines 4 things to assess & implement with your programs, whether live or digital…

Because we’re all taking people through an experience - no matter how big or small.

In today’s noisy, How-Can-I-Trust-You? World, developing relationships with our clients, students, & customers inside our programs is something that’s not EXTRA to consider - 

It is non-negotiable!

Sandra’s an expert at creating easy ways to help people take action and serve clients inside their programs, memberships, & courses.

Here get shit done vibe will give you an energy hit simply listening to her!

Listen in & learn to create an experience for your clients using content that…


  • reduces refunds & problem solving on your end
  • increases success, so they rave about you
  • helps clients stick around longer 
  • reduces your workload


No matter what kind of program you have - group, mastermind, membership, course, 1:1 - the content INSIDE matters

Because it’s part of the experience your clients are having and believe me: getting a client to stick around for the long haul is MUCH easier (think saving time & money) than getting a new client!

Do yourself a favor & l isten to the podcast. 

Sandra shares so much goodness, you’re going to feel vurrrry CONFIDENT that you can take care of the clients INSIDE your programs, no problem!

Get a 2nd pair of ‘get shit done - I see everything’ eyes on your stuff: check her out at

Xo, Jen

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