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What REALLY keeps me from creating content that works

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“How can I leave them hanging?! How can I tell them they have a problem and not solve it for them?”

These words spew forth from the ruthless inner dictator living inside my client Jennifer Sherwood’s mind. 

Fixing things for others was a hobby Jennifer had perfected in every area of her life. 

  • Honestly, if she could’ve charged money for it, she’d be a real-life bazillionaire by now

You know, ‘how we do one thing is how we do everything…’?

It won’t surprise you that Jennifer wanted to fix everything for her AUDIENCE by way of her marketing content!

Constantly trying to meet invisible, relentless expectations, Jennifer eventually realized she was the one creating them.

We all have that ruthless Lucille Bluth living in our heads:

An inner dictator shoulding all over us: 

“My emails should provide EVERY solution.”

“I should have my Instagram messaging perfect every time.”

“I shouldn’t talk about people pleasing in my LinkedIn posts because it might offend someone out there.”

All this SHOULDING keeps us from

  • connecting with our audience - because with vanilla IG posts, people scroll by 
  • getting engagement from that weekly email you worked SO hard on! 
  • bringing in potential clients: I mean - if we’re not doing this, then WHY ARE WE BOTHERING to create marketing content at all???

Talk about wasting your content capital! Spinning around like this creates the kind of exhaustion you feel when you’re treading water for too long

Here’s a floatie in the deep end to provide some relief:


Get relief via our conversation, where we unpack the strategies she uses to move her (and her clients) past the fixing, people-pleasing, & perfectionistic habits that depleted Jennifer’s marketing…

And real life!

You can:

  • mute & tamp down the silent dictator ruling your inner life 
  • stop pushing the boulder up the hill & save your mental energy for things YOU LIKE to do!


  • answer the question, “What DO I LIKE to do?” {This one can be a real head-scratcher!}



  • get relief from what’s weighing you down & affecting your productivity


Coupla quickies you “should” know about creating content:

  1. It cannot possibly teach your audience everything they need to know, especially not in the short-term.
  2. Saying the things your audience needs to hear (like ‘people-pleasing & perfectionism is holding them back’) is not offensive
  3. Holding up a Marketing Mirror to let your audience see themselves in it, attracts the right people & repels those who aren’t a good fit.

^^^Screen shot that so you remember it the next time you feel burdened by SHOULDING in your content!

Then listen, read, or watch our convo because what you’ll learn works for your habits in content, marketing, business

And real life.

Ahhhhh feel the relief!

Xo, Jen

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