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marketing advice Sep 19, 2021

Upon touching the floor, my feet yell, ‘OW! Ow ow ow JEEZ ow!” 

My lower right back screams at me, “WOMAN! Sit down! Don’t try that again.”

On the cusp of turning 51, I’m clearly doomed to be in pain forever.

Just give up & wear a robe all day with used tissues tucked into the sleeve - like my Mema used to.

Like we do when we’ve reached the bottom, I decide on April 1st I’m getting my shit together.

Even though April in Upstate NY is a shitty, rainy, cold, month vacillating between mud & another snowstorm, 

I decide to get the doggo off his pillow throne & start walking.

Little did I know the humiliation ahead of me.

I’d get around the block & my plantar fasciitis, back, or hip pain would take over.

My sausage dog, a 12” high dachshund/Corgi mix named Max, pulled me, moving faster than I could.

Walking. Hobbling along was maddening - I begged off from friends who texted, “Walk tonight?” because I couldn’t keep up!

One ailment abated & another showed up! Neck pain. Wrist pain. Lower calf pain. 

I doubted every step: 

Am I making it worse? Should I try something else? Is it time to give up? Is there a better way?

Last week, 6-ish months after beginning this self-inflicted torture of getting out of pain, (OH THE IRONY) I noticed something.


Panting, he took many pee breaks with nothing left in his teensy bladder!


SIX months in. 

SIX months of wanting to give up, wondering if I should try a different option, talking myself off the ledge!

This is how growing a business feels, especially the marketing part

You look at what others are doing & try that. Something new comes along & you try that too.

Then after one infuriating hour creating a 15-second REEL or staring at another blank page, you think, NOPE I’LL JUST FAIL INSTEAD OF DOING THIS EVERY DAY…

And give up.

It’s too painful. You don’t know where you’re headed or when the pain will end!

You doubt everything.

“Should I niche down further?”

“Maybe I need a brand-new website.”

“Screw it. I’ll just go get a job.”

Why isn’t there a roadmap for what to focus on?

Not a roadmap someone created for the masses & sells to you

Because you’ve either bought or have considered a huge course from a big-name entrepreneur who promises to solve all your marketing woes in one felled swoop.

What about a Signature Roadmap of every step of your business - designed just for you

Where you learn YOUR perfect-for-you audience?

And the personalized marketing strategies are best FOR YOU?

Where your content’s designed & outlined WITH YOU - so you never have to stare at a blank screen again?

This is a new service that my colleague - marketing expert, Claudia Schalkx - and I now offer.

It’s a half & half situation: 

Claudia helps you unearth the signature method you use to get your clients results. You’ll create marketing that sets you apart from the online noise.

Then you & I work together, using your system to outline & create your marketing content - so you stop overdoing, drowning, or giving everything away for free...

I wish I’d had a Signature System for my back-to-health journey because it would’ve:

  1. Shown me the right track for ME to stop my self-doubt
  2. No longer beat myself up
  3. Have a plan. Work the plan. Stop considering jumping from option to option, trying something ELSE.

My Personal Signature System, designed with Claudia, got me very clear on the work I do.

Here’s what mine looks like: 

I help people stop creating content that keeps you invisible to becoming a CONTENT POWERHOUSE - knowing exactly WHAT to say-

WHO to say it to -
And HOW to say it!

Get your own Signature System! Learn more about the program here

From there, you can set up a discovery call with Claudia to decide whether it’s a good fit for your needs & goals!

Remember! When something’s not working in your business, don’t overhaul EVERYTHING.

Stop throwing all possible solutions at your problem.

Claudia & I help you figure out the personalized issues holding your business back & create your Signature System to address them - a plan with clarity & focus - 

So you can take action & move ahead with growing your business.

Questions about this? Email me at [email protected]

I’m here (a real person, answering my own emails) and am happy to answer!

Xo, Jen

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