Customized systems to simply & consistently create content

Helping personal brands & service-based entrepreneurs uncover the strategies that grow, nurture, & convert their ideal audience

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Does your inspired, busy brain constantly distract you from taking focused action?

You're frustrated & exhausted from running in place, and all you crave is business GROWTH.

You can get to your next level with support that helps you with:

A clear, do-able plan that's easy to follow AND works with your life...

Client attraction strategies that don't suck the life out of you...

Realistic systems so you stop feeling scattered & disorganized...

Tools to help bring you the financial & time freedom you've been dreaming of...

If you're serious about getting to your next level...

Book your Power Hour Clarity Session with Jen.
- In this 75-minute coaching & strategy session, we'll create a CLEAR, realistic plan to move you forward - outlining the steps to get you there!

I work with women who are sick of living in frustration & overwhelm.

We take your swirling ideas - no matter how "crazy", "ridiculous" or "silly" you've been told they are - and make 'em a reality, teaching you how to...

  • stop feeling scattered & depleted, because you've been trying ALL THE THINGS - but nothing's worked
  • create content & messaging that attracts your ideal audience - instead of tire kickers who waste your time
  • TAKE ACTION ALREADY because...seriously - aren't you sick of spinning around?
Serious about getting to the next level? Book your Power Hour Clarity Session with Jen

How can a business coach help you get where you want to go?

First, determine where you are in your business journey!

Foundations Stage

Your dream is BIG and you don't know what you don't know. You're excited, nervous, eager, & unsure - at the same time. Welcome to the club!  Coaching provides you a mentor & a roadmap - moving you ahead faster so you can stop second-guessing yourself & start to see RESULTS.

Growth Stage

You're tired of your business running YOU! You want more time AND more clients. Is it possible to have both? YES! Coaching for you is all about creating abundant clarity across your business so you can master your messaging, put realistic systems in place, & create client flow with more ease.

Scaling Stage

You're business is successful - aaaaaand you know it could be doing more for you. Coaching at this level is all about helping you streamline so you can scale. We want to create space to BREATHE - so you can continue nurturing your business without burning out.

Women Like You Are Growing Their Businesses!

Jennifer Sherwood, Life Coach

Teddey Hicks, Food & Body Love Coach


"Before I started working with Jen, I felt uncertain about how to best articulate my services - and distinguish myself in the market. Jen helped me sort through all my thoughts & ideas to really get clear about how to reach my target clients.

Jen’s the perfect coach for someone who wants get focused on their business & really get work done. She's a natural at getting ideas & words out of your head & into practice. I recommend her to anyone who's even considering marketing assistance or business coaching."

Katie Centolella, Esq.
Business Attorney

Ready to get your message out there but struggle with content creation for your brand? 

Take the first step & download the Customized Content Creation Planner! You get an easy-to-follow system & planning pages that'll help you create content consistently.

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