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How she built her business - in 5 steps

Apr 19, 2020

How do you generate courage to move through the hard shit going on in your world and design a life you WANT -

even though the thought is terrifying?

Welcome to Allison Mitura’s quest!

She likes to say, “Yoga SAVED me” - and her dream was to share it with everyone.

BUT - creating a brick & mortar studio was a NO GO for Allison -

She wanted to bring yoga to people in their homes, offices, & community.

Is this a THING? Can you make money doing that?

Apparently: yes. But how?

That’s the journey Allison went on! Here’s what she wants you to know about making YOUR OWN dream a reality:

1. Build relationships

TALK to people. Tell them what you’re doing (even though it can be frightening.)

That way people start to link you with the thing you’re doing.

Yoga? At home? OH! Talk to Allison! She’s your girl.

2. Say hello to fear

Being SEEN as an entrepreneur brings in FEAR.

Allison worried, Will I make enough money? Will there be enough...

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REAL Secrets & TRUE lies - why connecting works!

Apr 12, 2020

The day I turned 30, I slipped on the icy back porch & joked my hip was broken because I was now so old.

The entire month leading up to that day was filled with DREAD & WORRY. I left my birthday party early to pout & sulk - like a total jerk.

I held SO MANY expectations for my 30s - mostly that they’d be terrible because I was so old.

TRUE fact - my 30s were full of growth, change, happiness, learning.

Yesterday, BOOM! I turned 50.

Jack turned 13 last week, too! Another big number, right?

I briefly wondered what to EXPECT in celebrating our birthdays during the Great Pause.

We were supposed to be at a fancy resort last week… Jack was supposed to be at Disney World doing something Star Warsy with his best friend.

Here’s a secret I may never have shared: I LOATHE planning BIRTHDAY celebrations.

Because of - EXPECTATIONS!

Do you ever get stuck because of EXPECTATIONS?

Like the thing is supposed to be SO GREAT that you get stuck in the idea of it?


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The Technology No One WANTS - a story of email BS & lies

Apr 05, 2020

I’m sitting among 80+ college freshmen in a giant lecture hall at SUNY Fredonia, my undergrad alma mater.

It’s 1988. Dr. Chilberg’s my favorite professor - from up in the nosebleed section, I see he’s rocking big dark glasses & a salt-n-pepper closely-cropped afro.

But even from far away, I feel his energy - he loves teaching Communication 101.

Today, he’s sharing a new technology to REVOLUTIONIZE how we communicate.

He calls it “Electronic Mail.” 

E-Mail, he says, is the wave of the future.

We’ll never have to walk down a dorm hall again to talk to each other - just simply send a message via computer & pick up the phone nevermore!

Ever the extrovert, I am HORRIFIED by this.
ALSO! How do we DO this “E-Mail”?

It’s 1988. There are no smart phones. Or laptops.

Only the geekiest (& richest) kids have computers in their dorm!

To get ONTO a computer you have to slog across the freezingest, windiest, snowiest...

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Put Down the Firehose: 3 tips to help your audience digest your message

Mar 29, 2020

Here’s this week’s helpful take-away so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom.

We think we need MORE…

What we actually want is BETTER.

Would you believe me if I told you, for your business - & life - you don’t have to do MORE to make it better?


Here’s what MORE looks like:

The hostess who went bonkers at Liquor City buying all the booze - when most guests drank the classic Syrah-blend she grabbed because her husband loves it.

The mom with ALL the “remote learning” laid out - only to find her kiddos creating a hamster HabiTrail out of empty toilet paper rolls. (Is this why we’re hoarding tp?)

The entrepreneur throwing all the bells & whistles into her offer to make it appealing.

  • Recorded videos
  • Live trainings
  • FB community
  • 1:1 coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Guest experts
  • Homework
  • Worksheets

…Yet, still no one buys.


^PS: Did you read that list? No! It’s MORE, not better.

Offering more...

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Am I too dumb to do marketing?

Mar 22, 2020

If you haven’t figured out how to attract clients, it’s not your fault.

There’s a lot of OMG-are-you-seriously-freaking-doing-that! marketing tactics out there you’re probably avoiding.

So much so that some people tell me they’d rather stay stuck where they are than grow a business because they HATE MARKETING.

I feel this so very much.

Flashback 5 years ago: in the parking lot of my chiropractor, listening to yet ANOTHER marketing podcast.

The host guy - he’s a BRILLIANT marketer. Makes it all sound SO EASY! Like anyone can do it!

The whole podcast is all about ALL the things you can do to market yourself. And he’s rattling them off, like it’s the alphabet.

The more I listen, the more jammed up I get. Obviously, this marketing thing is JUST SO EASY, but I’m clearly too damn stupid to GET IT.

Because if I could get it, I wouldn’t be so overwhelmed by it. Because Brilliant Marketing Dude has just laid it out there in an...

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Blobby Brown is helping me write this

Mar 08, 2020

It’s basically summer here. 46 degrees on February 23 in Syracuse, NY!

Like a total badass, I walked around all day without a coat or socks.

My desk, facing 3 giant, ancient windows, is cleared off- ready for work.

These windows are 115-years old - and if you stand close to them, you’ll feel your hair start to blow.

The work on the docket for this afternoon is writing.

But I don’t seem to be doing much of that. Instead, I’m staring out the breezy windows, wondering how it’s cold in my office but warm outside?

Then I notice - The birdfeeders are empty! It’s been weeks since I refilled ‘em.

I should go out there do that because it’s basically SUMMER out there!

No. NO! Get back to the writing, Jen.

Sigh…I DO love the red cardinals who visit when the feeders are full.

Relentlessly, the cursor blinks, the only thing alive on my white screen.

Then I notice a blobby brown mark. Is that chocolate? How the hell did chocolate make it onto...

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What happened when Real Erica showed up

Mar 01, 2020

Doubt crept in. And Erica was hiding.

She had the perfect excuses, -ahem, I mean reasons- to NOT grow her business…

Not enough time. Not enough know-how.

But the NUMERO-UNO reason she lurked in the shadows of her own business?

It's terrifying to be seen

You get it - what if someone sees you & judges you? Questions you?
Heckles you?
Rolls their eyes at you?


Here’s how Erica shifted from cringing to courageous - and blew her own mind by what happened in her business!

Two big strategies Erica learned:

  1. How to overcome doubt & the negative BS that her brain loves to chew on

Truth: the most relatable things in life aren't always positive things. So, Erica learned how to turn negative habits into constructive thoughts that lead to solutions

Which helped her show up even more because now she can recognize a client's negative outlook & offer a new, helpful perspective. 

She’s helping clients create confidence...

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What failure really looks like

Feb 23, 2020

A year ago, a teacher friend of mine - who’s on my email list - approached me at our kids’ soccer game.

He said, “Your emails are SO helpful! I try & teach what you teach to my students - thank you for your work.”

I was flabbergasted & honored - this friend is not my Ideal Client Avatar.

He’s a male high school teacher. I had NO idea that my weekly emails were helpful to him!

Which leads me to lesson 1 of today’s podcast - PUT YOUR WORDS OUT THERE. You never know who might need them, use them, and benefit from them!

Anyway, my friend Lenny was taking my words, ideas, & tools and sharing them with his students - a whole group of people I’d never be able reach, right?

So, I said, What if I came into your classroom & taught your kids some more tools & strategies to help them?

He liked the idea, got the necessary permissions, and BOOM - 3 months later I met his students in real life.

Before I went in the first time, I was ...

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Why can’t you just stay put for once?

Feb 16, 2020

My brain can get itchy. Like - it loves what it’s doing right now, and it also wonders, What else is out there?

It’s the reason I’ve moved out of every job I’ve ever had - they get too comfortable. Sometimes it’s boring…sometimes I just want a new challenge.

But ultimately, every time I make a leap -

Or a hop. Or even a shift…

A few people in my life roll their eyes. They say, “AGAIN? Seriously? When are you gonna settle down?

When are you stop changing what you do? Just - you know - find a JOB?”

 For a while, I felt ashamed about that. Like, why can’t I just be happy doing what I’m doing?

Then I realized - it’s in the EXPLORING that I find happiness.

I love plunging into a new challenge.

I don’t start something new looking for HAPPINESS. I start something new because I’m curious to see how far I can push myself.

In the experience of seeing how far I can go, I find satisfaction.

But believe...

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I figured out what makes us so unhappy

Feb 09, 2020

I want to start out today by saying that I didn’t mean to turn into the giant ASSHOLE that I did.

But it was two weeks before Christmas & I was sitting on my best friend couch.

We were enjoying the fire and the fact that the men were in a completely different room watching their noisy football game…

And the kiddos were downstairs playing without drama.

We couldn’t hear anyone else. It was BLISS!

My husband walked in, taking in the scene.

What he saw: 

A grand, gorgeously-decorated Christmas tree

A glowing fire with a festive mantle

Just-the-right décor artfully placed

Leslie REALLY gets into the holiday flavor thing, & her home styling ability rivals professionals.

Basically, if you gave me a MILLION dollars and said, “Make my home look fabulous for the holidays” I’d never come close to what she can pull off.

What John saw when he walked into that room was a tasteful, beautiful, warm Christmas scene. Like a perfectly...

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