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"I won’t get it anyway, so why bother?" with Lynn Bowser

The struggle is what gives you a good story, in the end.

And if that’s true, then Lynn Bowser should write a frickin’ book!

In case you live in a cave, finance is a male-dominated industry.

 And Lynn, then a wealth management agent, felt like a huuuuuge imposter in a field filled...

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How to Stop Suffering from Analysis Paralysis

Last week I talked about the paradigm of giving great free content & creating a ton of value in the world - before anyone pays you a dime.

You know - helping people to prove you can help people.

I was answering the question, “Why do you give so much away for free?”

I won’t...

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SMASHING Imposter Syndrome - even when I'm in over my head


Warning: truthiness ahead.

And some insights to help you deal with your own imposter syndrome!


Impostor Syndrome Got To Me

I really hadn’t been presented with the phrase Imposter Syndrome until I became a coach. When I started this business, I felt out of...

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Am I a Moron or Just Trying To Trick You?

It’s a fair question. Am I a complete moron? Or, is there a catch somewhere?

Am I trying to trick you into buying something from me?

TBH, the answer to both those questions is NO.

Why do I give away so much for free? 

  1. I’m a teacher at heart. Teaching fills me up. So, it’s...
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Value, Worth, & Price: Do You Know the Difference? with Susie Ippolito

For years, I’ve struggled with how to value what I do.

Is what I offer valuable?

Ohhh, how I have grappled with “value” vs. “worth” vs. “pricing”.

Have you?

I find most women entrepreneurs answer yes - for varied reasons.

How do we create value? How do...

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Normalizing your "Wants" To Make "Haves"

Ok, now you KNOW what you want...SO HOW DO YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN?

Here's the not-so-secret SECRET STRATEGY to get there!

Some people don’t ask themselves what they want and there are tons of reasons why we push it away.

But what happens once you have the list in your hand of what you want?


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The Antidote to “I don’t know what I want”

Spinning. Fuzzy. Frazzled. Overwhelmed. Foggy.



Here are some strategies to help you get what you need: CLARITY!!! 

What Do You Want? 

When I get on the phone with women in Breakthrough Call, they are in a state where their brain feels really heavy....

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The 3 things you need to make your business GO!!

There was an ingredient missing in my business & I couldn’t figure it out! 

The mistake I made? I kept trying spaghetti, and it wasn’t spaghetti!

As entrepreneurs in the beginning, we are wearing all of the hats. This is what I call throwing spaghetti against the wall. 

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What The Hell Is A Money Mindset? with Kelsey Banfield | Jen Liddy Coaching

Until 3 years ago I had no idea there was any other way to think about money -


Except to FEAR it…


I didn’t KNOW there was a way to attract it into my life.


Attracting money is a THING! Did you know that?


I didn’t.


I asked Money Mindset Coach...

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How Going After Your Goals Affects Your Family

You’re a woman who wants MORE. That’s why you’re reading this blog, right?


But here’s what happens to many women like you & me: when a woman wants MORE, our first concern is often, How will this affect my people?

My family. My partner. Employees. Clients?


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Overcoming People Pleasing with Leslie Howard Smith

“What do you WANT?” This question is terrifying for many women. 

Why? Because we get trained to put everyone else’s needs above our own…So we never know if something we want is for us - or to make someone else happy. 

Welcome to the mind of the People Pleaser!


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How To Plan The Most Perfect Summer For Yourself

Are you dealing with FRAZZLE? Here’s some help for what’s NEXT - post FRAZZLE!

This June was crazy for me and I’m sure it was for your too. I don’t know what it is about June, but there are so many things happening that it causes insane amount of frazzle! 


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