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Overcome Your Subconscious Programming To Reach Your Goals with Callie Croken

Apr 11, 2021

Sometimes we all get in our OWN way when growing your business...

Especially when we feel  like marketing is slimy and inauthentic -- 

If you feel that way - are you REALLY going to do it?

Meet Callie Croken! She is a business life coach who helps entrepreneurs overcome their subconscious programming to get the results they’re looking for.

Callie breaks down how the subconscious can make or break businesses & helps people ALIGN their subconscious thoughts with conscious actions to reach your goals.

Find Callie on FB @calliecroken, Instagram @calliecroken, and her website...

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How I figured out what my sales problem REALLY was…

Apr 04, 2021

Scene: inside the 9000 square foot fitness studio I own, c. 2014

Brrriiiiiiing. Brrriiiiiiiing. (remember when phones sounded like phones?) 


Lady: Hi! I’d like to learn more about your classes.

Jen: (Excited!) Drone on about the class offerings at our studio. Blather on about class times & formats. Mention we have babysitting.

Lady: Ok. Cool. How much are classes?

Jen: Explain first class free policy, price of a 10 pack, monthly payment option, & share studio policies.

Lady: Mmm hmm. Ok. Thanks! Bye! <Hangs up>

Jen: gouges out eyes.



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You Don't Have A Sales Problem - You Have Receiving Problem with Patty Lennon

Apr 04, 2021

Meet Patty Lennon - intuitive coach -and host of the Space for Magic Podcast!

In our conversation, Patty dives into

what to do REALISTICALLY about sales feeling hard

3 steps to sales calls that actually feel good - for you and your potential client

one shift to take you from over-efforting & into ease.

One of my favorite take-aways from Patty is, “You don’t have a sales problem. You have a receiving problem.”

Listen in. She explains it WAY better than me, but basically, we’re soooooo busy fixing and doing and taking care of…in our lives & businesses -

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A Content Strategy you haven’t considered: OPP

Mar 28, 2021

Just can’t write. I hate writing.

Email’s not my thing.

Socials are a total time suck.

Soooooo - I can’t do content. [{SHRUG}]

>>>waits for next referral to roll in. 


I could teach you every content creation strategy in the book, but if that’s what’s going on in your mind, NO WONDER it all feels so hard.

All month, I’ve been teaching you the 1st step to more freedom inside your business is understanding Audience Attraction…

Here’s the next step: Consistent Content.

I’m not here to...

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Content Creation Is Not A One-Size Fits All Process

Mar 26, 2021

So one of the things I really want you to understand about content creation is that there's not a one size fits all solution to your specific content problem.

And I know that there's a lot of things vying for your time.

Should I start a podcast?

Should I get on TikTok?

People are growing explosively on TikTok.

Should I be on Pinterest?

The thing is, what you want to do is find the place.

There's three things.

The number one is to find the place where your audience is, where do you want to be and what's the intersection of the two of those things?

You can stop trying to be everywhere because...

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What I'm Doing Imperfectly

Mar 22, 2021

Today I really want to talk about what to do if things aren't going perfectly for you.

If things aren't lining up the way you thought they would if we're already in the middle of 2021 and you're like,

"I don't really have my act together."

Especially if 2021 is your big year to make things happen.

But you still don't feel like you have your footing underneath you.

If that sounds like you, I want you to know that there is hope and you don't have to be beating yourself up over this, so I just want to start by talking about my January, which was really pretty horrible.

I had big plans for...
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How to magnetize your just-right audience

Mar 21, 2021

I’ve put off writing this article, but I HAVE to tell you this TRUTH about content creation:

You want to REPEL people.

“WHAT!? Jen, you literally spend all your time telling me how to ATTRACT an audience.”

Yes, but stick with me:  we WANT to repel people with our content - 

because it’s the fastest way to get RID of those we’re not a good fit for!

(Or who aren’t a good fit for us!)

It sounds horrible, right?: REPEL YOUR AUDIENCE.

Hear me out: When you’re about to press PUBLISH, there’s likely a person out there who you think of that...

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How to Make Content Simpler to Create

Mar 14, 2021

It’s not their fault, but it can be annoying.

What’s “it”? 

“It” is the fact that your audience isn’t always ready to hear certain things you want to say to them…

Say you’re a sales coach - 

You know the reason clients have trouble selling offers is % due to scarcity stories or worthiness issues their brain subconsciously recorded as children.

You know their challenges will NOT improve until they commit to deeply unpacking limiting thoughts 

& shift their identity around a scarcity mindset.

THEN they’ll learn...

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I Thought I Could Do It Better

Mar 08, 2021

I wonder if you've ever had this moment where you've gotten an email or done a training or you've gotten like a DM from somebody and you just feel like it's just so cringy.

It's just so guh

It reinforces that belief that you hate marketing, that you can't do marketing, that you're just going to wait for the next person to walk through your door or get referred to you because you're not going to do marketing.

You're not going to do what the gurus say.

You're not going to follow this formula.

And I want to come on today and tell you, you don't have to follow the formula.

I'm asking...

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Why I Couldn't Generate The Sales...

Mar 07, 2021

She’d sent me a personalized link to the website & I spent hours poring over it.

It was gorgeous. Sexy visuals. A layout the eye moved easily over.

It was a $2750 sales page to sell a $297 program.

Was I a total rube?

The Big Dream for new entrepreneurs is making enough money to just hire someone, for crissakes!

The Fantasy is that magical content elves swoop in & take over.

Well - I paid for the fantasy, I guess…

But after publishing that sales page… 

ZERO conversions. 

I tweaked & fussed with it. 

Still, NADA.

It took a looooong time to...

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