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Why No One's Responding To Your Emails

May 05, 2021

A big content complaint I hear from my clients and just from people in the entrepreneurial space is talking about open rates.

"Nobody's opening myself or engaging with my stuff."

And today I got an email that kind of hit home why people don't want to engage with certain kinds of content.

I got an email from somebody that I love to read her stuff, but her email was so full.

There were at least five to six calls to action with buttons and links.

There was a lot to think about and consider.

And one of the calls to action was, "Think about how you're going to do this...

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How To Be Authentically You In Network Marketing with Mary Kay Kemper

May 03, 2021

I hear from many women when it comes to network marketing these phrases,

"It's bullshit." 
"There's a stigma." 
"I'm never going to be successful."
"I feel embarrassed." 

Sound familiar? ‍

Today I have brought on the expert Mary Kay Kemper to help us talk about, unpack, examine this STIGMA around network marketing.

Whether you are a network marketer or you have an opinion about network marketing and direct sales - you're going to want to pay ATTENTION to this conversation!

Mary Kay is an ambassador of LimeLife and a platinum director. She's been in this business eight-plus...

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Who’s Setting The Pace In Your Business?

May 02, 2021

What does it take to get a 14-year-old to wake up on his own at 7am, EXCITED?

(Hell - when was the last time YOU woke up at 7am, on your own, EXCITED?)

Well - he turned 14 last month & swiftly got a job at the local farmer’s market selling specialized spices & hand-made dog treats. 

  • Oh yeah - we are gonna talk ABOUT THAT WEIRD business model COMBO at a later time…

He was so excited for his first day of work that he jumped out of bed, ready to go!

When I picked him up, he was HAPPY. Still excited - Chatty, even…

He gave me the farmer’s market inside...

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Why is too much HOW too much?

Apr 28, 2021
A mistake I used to make a LOT in my content was giving too much HOW content...
Here's why I scaled back on it - and it's actually NOT what you think.
You can still be generous & heart-centered, and once you understand that too much HOW content actually holds your audience back, you'll start to think about it differently.

How much how-to content is enough?

How much how-to content is too much?

I get to asked this question a lot, and I just wanted to say the thing about how-to content is it's really useful and it's really vital.

But when we give too much how-to...

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The ‘One Sure Way to Six Figures’ is total BS

Apr 25, 2021

You’ve seen it, fer sher - ads promising “multiple six figures”…

“One Sure Way” to get your funnel to work…

Testimonials of people knocking it SO far outta the park that you can’t help but think, WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME?

Why can’t I run my business in 3 hours a week from a yurt on a farm or a hut in Bali? 

I’m tired of bullshit promises, overused fear tactics, copy designed to get us buying from FEAR…

There’s NOTHING wrong with you if you don’t have your business exactly where you want it YET.

I will...

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How to make ALIGNED Business Decisions with Sage Polaris

Apr 24, 2021

Your content falls on deaf ears?

Nobody sees it?

Then you tell yourself that your work is a FAILURE?

Most entrepreneurs struggle with this at some point, so today I'm excited to be talking to Sage Polaris.

Sage is a CONSCIOUS launch strategist & copywriter - here to share WHAT TO DO when your copy just isn't working!

In our conversation, she’ll teach you how to look at your business model & decide what you really WANT - with CONSCIOUS decisions & design.

I urge you not to miss this convo - you might learn something GAME CHANGING!

Sage is also gifting us her amazing Triple...

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3 Ways To Streamline Your Content

Apr 19, 2021

This advice is for you if you find content creation actually takes up a lot of your time and you feel like you're constantly spinning around about it.

Today, I have three simple tricks that are going to help shift you out of the depletion and the exhaustion that's probably either keeping you from doing it at all, or you feel slammed against the wall cause you never stop doing it all. 

The first one is you have to assess yourself.

Are you fire-hosing your audience?

What I see a lot is people who have a lot to say and a lot to teach, which is pretty much everybody if you're in the...

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The Only Way To Make Sales

Apr 18, 2021

I was shocked she was getting a divorce - because I had NOT seen the signs.

Okaaaay. Yes, I’d noticed her hubs wasn’t in her Facebook photos anymore…

I figured he was taking pics of her & the kiddos. Or maybe I’d missed the posts of the entire family together - you know, the algorithm.

She looked busy & happy, and I liked & commented & was glad to keep up best I could. 

When it comes to “keeping up with people” via social media, frankly, I’ve come to not assign too much attachment to what I see. 

Because some of us are...

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Finding Your Freedom Being An Entrepreneur with Carolyn Scialdone

Apr 13, 2021

Some days you may feel that you just can’t do everything…

Being a mom and a wife is an undertaking in itself, let alone running a business on top of the long list of to-dos.

This is why I would love for you to meet my longtime friend Carolyn Scialdone and gain some inspiration on how you CAN have a family while also being a successful entrepreneur.

She has found freedom in being a business owner while being her own boss and has taken herself out of the box of what may stop you from seeing what is POSSIBLE.

Let us know below if you can relate to Carolyn’s journey!


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Selling is Service Shitty

Apr 11, 2021

Not to brag, but I was pretty much at an Olympian-level of mental gymnastics

because my mind did a LOT of impressive shit to AVOID selling.

I mean - I have an education background. What did I know about SALES?

Funny enough - when I was a teacher, I never realized it, but I was always selling something.

From pitching the district to buy me a class set of books I knew my kids would love -

to proposing a new way to approach co-instruction - 

to getting my 9th graders to buy into class discussions…(sometimes even getting them to SING!)

Even as a mom, the way I...

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