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Am I too dumb to do marketing?

Mar 22, 2020

If you haven’t figured out how to attract clients, it’s not your fault.

There’s a lot of OMG-are-you-seriously-freaking-doing-that! marketing tactics out there you’re probably avoiding.

So much so that some people tell me they’d rather stay stuck where they are than grow a business because they HATE MARKETING.

I feel this so very much.

Flashback 5 years ago: in the parking lot of my chiropractor, listening to yet ANOTHER marketing podcast.

The host guy - he’s a BRILLIANT marketer. Makes it all sound SO EASY! Like anyone can do it!

The whole podcast is all...

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Blobby Brown is helping me write this

Mar 08, 2020

It’s basically summer here. 46 degrees on February 23 in Syracuse, NY!

Like a total badass, I walked around all day without a coat or socks.

My desk, facing 3 giant, ancient windows, is cleared off- ready for work.

These windows are 115-years old - and if you stand close to them, you’ll feel your hair start to blow.

The work on the docket for this afternoon is writing.

But I don’t seem to be doing much of that. Instead, I’m staring out the breezy windows, wondering how it’s cold in my office but warm outside?

Then I notice - The birdfeeders are empty!...

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What happened when Real Erica showed up

Mar 01, 2020

Doubt crept in. And Erica was hiding.

She had the perfect excuses, -ahem, I mean reasons- to NOT grow her business…

Not enough time. Not enough know-how.

But the NUMERO-UNO reason she lurked in the shadows of her own business?

It's terrifying to be seen

You get it - what if someone sees you & judges you? Questions you?
Heckles you?
Rolls their eyes at you?


Here’s how Erica shifted from cringing to courageous - and blew her own mind by what happened in her business!

Two big strategies Erica learned:

  1. How to overcome doubt & the negative BS...
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What failure really looks like

Feb 23, 2020

A year ago, a teacher friend of mine - who’s on my email list - approached me at our kids’ soccer game.

He said, “Your emails are SO helpful! I try & teach what you teach to my students - thank you for your work.”

I was flabbergasted & honored - this friend is not my Ideal Client Avatar.

He’s a male high school teacher. I had NO idea that my weekly emails were helpful to him!

Which leads me to lesson 1 of today’s podcast - PUT YOUR WORDS OUT THERE. You never know who might need them, use them, and benefit from them!

Anyway, my friend Lenny was...

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Why can’t you just stay put for once?

Feb 16, 2020

My brain can get itchy. Like - it loves what it’s doing right now, and it also wonders, What else is out there?

It’s the reason I’ve moved out of every job I’ve ever had - they get too comfortable. Sometimes it’s boring…sometimes I just want a new challenge.

But ultimately, every time I make a leap -

Or a hop. Or even a shift…

A few people in my life roll their eyes. They say, “AGAIN? Seriously? When are you gonna settle down?

When are you stop changing what you do? Just - you know - find a JOB?”

 For a while, I felt ashamed...

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I figured out what makes us so unhappy

Feb 09, 2020

I want to start out today by saying that I didn’t mean to turn into the giant ASSHOLE that I did.

But it was two weeks before Christmas & I was sitting on my best friend couch.

We were enjoying the fire and the fact that the men were in a completely different room watching their noisy football game…

And the kiddos were downstairs playing without drama.

We couldn’t hear anyone else. It was BLISS!

My husband walked in, taking in the scene.

What he saw: 

A grand, gorgeously-decorated Christmas tree

A glowing fire with a festive mantle

Just-the-right décor...

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The one thing you need to get to the next level

Feb 02, 2020

Courageous people are a different breed than me.

Courageous people are those who do scary, hard things - like Navy SEALS, First Responders. Or people with illnesses or challenges that persevere…

Courageous people do really badass shit outside the realm of possibility for me.

I did not see ME as someone who did hard things.

About 10 years ago, my boss & I were talking about something I needed to do to move to the next level in my profession.

I told her I wanted to do it, and described in detail my terror & self-doubt I was.

As I outlined all the possible ways I could fail -...

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Create Success From The Clutter

Jan 26, 2020

As you can imagine, she was overwhelmed.

She’d been recovering mentally & physically from breast cancer for 4 years…

And had left corporate America to launch her own business. 

She had ALL THE IDEAS. Tons of experience.

Mucho mucho training & certifications.

But what did she really want for her business?  


She just wanted to know:

  • Who do I WANT to help?
  • WHAT exactly do I want to OFFER clients?
  • How can I GET MORE CLIENTS to help?

Meet Catherine Avery - a badass mother who was determined to not only get clarity, but to HAVE some damn FUN while DOING...

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What to do when you don’t know what to do

Jan 19, 2020

You know that place in your life when you’ve realized SOMETHING has to change?

Or you’ve got a gut instinct that something is about to SHIFT…and you have no idea what it’s gonna look like?

Maybe you don’t even know HOW you WANT it to look in the future!

You sit there, thinking about it - the heaviness of it weighing you down.

It can make you feel afraid, out of control, or sometimes even paralyzed.

You’re unsure what action to take right now.

Probably - maybe - there IS no action to take…yet.

Which is good - because you’re likely a little...

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3 tools to move you forward in the low moments

Jan 12, 2020

Here are 3 tools you can use today to help you move forward when you feel sluggish or low…

Fairly easy tools you can do right now.

Tool 1: Look Back/Look Now

First, I think back about a year - and remember some things I really wanted for myself. 

Once I remember the gist of those things, I compare myself to where I am now. I assess where I am now in comparison.

You might be cringing thinking of doing this. Maybe you’re SURE nothing has happened in a year.

But frankly, there’s not ONE client I’ve taken through this exercise who hasn’t had a huge...

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