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What if you hate your branding photos?

Jun 06, 2021

I want to tell you something that feels vulnerable to share, but I don’t want you feel bad for me, ok?

Last week I introduced you to Alice Patterson, my brand photographer, and we talked about the frustrations and fears around scaling a business

We talked a little bit about the mental struggles women have around getting branding photos because we feel like we need to be perfect, thin, flawless, stylish, etc. 

We lean on memes, stock photos, or inspirational quotations as our content, especially social media fodder.  

Here’s what I learned first-hand: ...

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My Favorite Content Batching System

Jun 02, 2021
So I want to tell you about my content batching system.

This is literally what I do every single month to make sure that my content doesn't take me a ton of time.

This probably saves me four to 5 hours a week.

First, I decide on a theme that I want my audience to know about or that my audience needs to know about.

Something they've been asking me about.

This could be a subject, a topic, something I want to teach them.

That's my high-level overview.

Then I break that big theme into 4 or 5 sub topics, like underneath each one of those things,

there's something I want to say about each thing.

So now I...
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How Do You Scale Your Business?

May 30, 2021

There’s this moment as an entrepreneur where you stand at the edge of a cliff - 

Behind you, 2 BIG issue loom:

You’re doing all.the.things. in your business - because you can’t see how to delegate, don’t really want to, or haven’t figured out how to pay for support. 

All the little things eat up your time & energy - a cycle you can’t get out of.

Sure, I can do that is your mantra. Your mindset is “I should” help all the varied types of people & problems.

Even though you’re helping everyone, you’re never sure how...

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Being Visible & Loving The Work You Do with Alice G Patterson

May 29, 2021

Isn’t it exhausting for creative women in entrepreneurship? 

I mean - there are ALL the THINGS to do - which makes it hard to  find joy in what we do.

So, let’s discuss how we can LOVE our businesses more -

Part of what kept me from becoming an entrepreneur & loving my business was needing to be visible & seen. I didn't want people to see who I was or what I looked like.

Once I got allowed myself to be visible - with the help of an incredible & supportive photographer, my business changed PLUS the level of confidence I have.

This is why I’m EXCITED...

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What's A Marketing Strategy You'll Never Use?

May 26, 2021

You know, when you are thinking about marketing, you might get exhausted.

I mean, look in that description below of all the things that you could do for marketing, and a lot of people are expecting from themselves that they're supposed to do all of those things.

No wonder it's exhausting.

And so one of the very first things I teach my clients is, well, what feels good to you?

Actually, today, I was just talking to a friend about marketing, and one of the things she can't stand doing is just kind of talking out into the void.

She's amazing on video, and people love her personality, but she...

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No More Negative Feelings About Money & Pricing

May 23, 2021

He opened the car door, a huge grin on his beautiful face. “They paid me an extra 20 dollars because I showed up early today!”

Jack - 14 & usually too cool to smile at anything - had been dropped off to work a measly 15 minutes early because…

a) Dunkin’s drive-thru was shockingly fast that morning & 

b) he didn’t want to chat with me in the car until work started at 9!

So his boss generously rewarded him with $20 extra dollars!

I almost pulled the car over in the parking lot & made him give it back…because

That was too easy for him.


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Understand That Money Is Not Something You Manage w/ Jacquette Timmons

May 22, 2021

This month is all about SALES!

How to make sales easier, 

Why sales don't feel good to you,

And how to overcome your negative feelings about it...

And when we talk about sales, we have to naturally talk about pricing, and I have the perfect somebody here today who focuses on the human side of money.

Meet Jacquette Timmons, a financial behaviorist and an EXPERT on pricing. 

Jacquette is an author, coach, keynote speaker and is a wealth of knowledge.

I'm so excited to share all the information and help all of us learn how to price ourselves, so it feels in alignment with what you...

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Testimonials Aren't Doing Their Job

May 16, 2021

Big question: What’s wrong with this testimonial?

“Carin’s incredible to work with. She changed my life. I can’t say enough about her!”

This kind of rah-rah review from a client might warm your heart - 

But they FAIL to explain to your audience HOW you changed her life…

HOW did you help, exactly?

Inquiring minds want to know!!

If you’ve been sharing these kinds of reviews - it’s ok! We can remedy that tout suite.

And if you haven’t taken any time to ask for reviews…wellllllll - 

Let’s chat.

First - asking for...

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I Was Missing All The Hints - And So Is Your Audience

May 12, 2021

Hey, if you ever feel like you keep posting and putting stuff out there maybe you're sending emails, maybe you're going to networking events and you're like,


"I don't really get any bites. My content falls flat. Nothing is really working for me."

I have one question for you.

Are you telling people what your offers are?

I mean, are you being completely overt about it and saying this is how I can help you?

I wanted to tell a really quick story.

Last year, a friend of mine wound up going through a divorce, and I had literally no idea that it was happening because this is a friend that I...

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Is Network Marketing “Plan B” for Losers?

May 09, 2021

Every industry has an aspect of it that people love to hate on - 

Maybe you’ve heard it in your own industry?

“Oh COME ON. I mean, it’s ridiculous. IS EVERYONE A COACH NOW?”

“Ugh - these real estate agents take a huge cut for doing NOTHING.”

“What is it with contractors? I guess they don’t need money since they NEVER CALL ME BACK.”

In fact, my DAD used to rail against ALL teachers to me, an English teacher with 14+ years of experience.

These teachers make WAY too much money - and they get way too much time off!”


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