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Busting Myths About Goals Habits, & Willpower with Barbara Trapp

Dec 20, 2020

Should you be “more organized?

Do you look at organized people & think there’s something wrong with you?

Meet Barbara Trapp, certified professional organizer & coach, helping people make SPACE - in easy, realistic ways that work FOR YOU.

If being organized has ever eluded you, listen in to this conversation!

Barbara shares 5 myths of organizing, and you’ll walk away with nuggets to put in place RIGHT NOW that will make ROOM to make whatever you want in 2021!

This interview will help motivate you to start creating more spae in your life, and feel lighter when...

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2 Practical Strategies for More Money

Dec 13, 2020

Oh my God, she said. I couldn’t even charge for tutoring! I feel so bad asking parents to pay me!

This from a new friend - a teacher on hiatus, home raising her 18-month-old daughter.

She’d asked about my business, fascinated by the whole thing: my programs, marketing, pricing -

So when I told her how it all works, her eyes got big…

She was horrified that I actually had to TELL people how much I charge, then ask them to pay me!

That’s when it hit me - Riiiiight!

When I was a teacher…talking about MONEY or having to promote YOURSELF was EW!



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How to get what you want in 2021

Dec 06, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020 started out with me sobbing, out of nowhere, on the couch next to my husband.

Neither John NOR I had any idea what was going on!

WHY was I crying? I wasn’t quite feeling sadness.

Is this malaise? Everything’s so MEH, you know?

Thanksgiving was one loooooong ass day of nothingness- I wasn’t cooking, we weren’t seeing anyone, and we weren’t traveling.

There was no PLAN.

One of my favorite things to do is PLAN. Trips & vacations. Trainings & content. Connections with friends & colleagues.

Now? It’s all been taken away because...

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The VISIBILITY Lie That Too Many Women Tell Themselves

Nov 30, 2020


so I don't need to PUT IT OUT there into the world.

Welcome to the ^^BIG BIG LIE**

This story - thought - lie - belief...

THIS is one of the best places we hide in our business.

We think about all the people who DON'T need us...

and we get scared or overwhelmed in putting ourselves out there.

If you're an entrepreneur, VISIBILITY is non-negotiable.

So, how do you SQUELCH this lie inside your brain?


Here are 5 questions you need to KNOW the answer to that makes it a LOT easier to be visible in your business -

Watch the full video right...

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How to get to YOUR next level

Nov 30, 2020

She looked at me with all seriousness & said, “What if everyone wants me on their stage? Who’ll take care of my family?”

This from a client juuuuuust dipping her toe into starting a business as an author - who also wants to be a speaker on the stage.

She was quite far from being “on everyone’s stage” - so why was she concerned about who’d take care of her kids in this future, successful version of herself?

Welcome to the Fear of Success - a REAL thing. 

Most clients have NO IDEA this is what’s plaguing them…


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Do I have ADHD? - The brilliant yet misunderstood entrepreneur

Nov 22, 2020

Read this description & tell me who it reminds you of:

She feels flashes or moments of brilliance & genius but can’t string enough of them together to stand up to the expectations to keep going.

It reminds me of many incredible women I know.

Brave. Brilliant. Bold.


Because they struggle with procrastination, distraction, anxiety, depression - they’re unable to focus.

And if you’re ALREADY struggling to get shit done in your day - feeling spinny, frazzled, distracted, and overwhelmed -


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Your Mind is Crushing Your Income: How to charge high-end prices

Nov 15, 2020

What if I told you I charged $175/hour? Or $500?

What if I told you I don’t leave the house for less than $1500 a day? Or that the fee for a day is $9500?

If you’re not currently charging high-end prices, you might roll your eyes in disgust at these numbers.

Or judgment. Envy. Even anger.

You might think, “Who can afford that?”

“Who’s WORTH that?” Or “Who does she think she IS?”


I used to think the same things, especially when I was in debt, had a shitty relationship to...

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Your visibility suffers when people are judging you

Nov 11, 2020

I don’t think of Kerri as a “friend”, but I’m pretty sure she thinks of me as one.

She commends endlessly about the pictures I post in my marketing because I use a LOT of photos of myself.

I am my brand, after all.

There’s teasing about my photo shoots, having my face constantly in her social feed, the way I pose, & what I wear.

And man - that is definitely a sore area for me.

I am self-conscious about photos - well, I used to be - and don’t always love the way I look in pictures.

Spending too much energy on Kerri & her comments could REALLY take...

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The Visibility Lies holding you back from money & freedom

Nov 01, 2020

This song is before my time, but have you ever heard that old Dusty Springfield song from 1964?

All about Wishin' & hopin' & thinkin' & prayin'…

The words hit me in the car last week because WAY TOO MANY women are using this as their business strategy!

Passively waiting for their dream client to notice them.

Hinting & wishing is not a success strategy.

Waiting around IS NOT A PLAN - for anything!

We need an approach that works for YOU - because there’s NO one-size-fits-all visibility strategy…

You get to design it - but you MUST be open & direct with...

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How to Stop Failing at Winning

Oct 25, 2020

My podcast producer should’ve said, “JEN! You’re too late.”

But that’s not who Phyllis is. Instead, she said, “No problem. We’ll make it happen.”

And in my frenzy to record & upload my weekly podcast, I failed to notice…I was at EPISODE 100!

Big Deal, right? Getting to 100 episodes is kind of an arbitrary WHOO HOO number, right?

Well, according to Phyllis, MOST PODCASTS don’t make it to one year…so apparently, it IS a BFD.

But I still didn’t make a big deal out of it…

This one of my weaknesses: I’m...

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