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The motivation myth: why spontaneity is bullshit!

Oct 23, 2018

“But…structure is so…so…BORING.”

 My Creative clients tell me this all the time. To them, knowing when something starts & ends…knowing what to expect…that’s not comfort.

It’s dull.

My Creatives – clients who are passionate, multi-faceted, & hungry to experience everything – resist structure.

The structure I love so much feels constricting to them!

They believe they can’t have structure AND STILL BE the creative, spontaneous, magical, life-filled creatures they are!


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How staying busy kept me from being a loser - and backfired

Oct 23, 2018

It’s no secret that I overwork. When I have down time, I panic.

For years, I kept myself busy, busy, busy.

And empty inside.

Growing up, we had many chores. We didn’t go play until chores were done. And, as a perfectionist, I made sure mine were done beautifully. If my parents didn’t validate the work, I’d re-do them.

Stay busy, girl.

In my past, I’d stay busy with hobbies.

In my 20s, I over-exercised as my hobby – and it got unhealthy & obsessive.

In my 30s, I had an expensive scrapbooking hobby. I spent free moments...

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The sweet relief of routine

Oct 23, 2018

I feel great sadness when summer starts to say goodbye.

But the turn in the air also excites me – because I know structure is coming. A shift is happening.

It brings a sense of urgency. I mentally scream, It’s time to get my shit back together!!

Watch out for that thought!

 Here’s why: we’re all kinda out of practice on that! We just spent 3 months enjoying life & working really hard at NOT being structured!

When we’re charged with getting our shit together, we overwhelm ourselves with tasks.

You know – we empty...

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Why I cried in yoga class (and 3 ways to get out of your own way)

Oct 23, 2018

I quietly leave yoga class because I ‘need to go to the bathroom.’

What I really need is a frickin’ break.

Once in the safety of a stall, the tears roll. This pisses me off.


This is so silly! It’s yoga! It’s my CHOICE to be here! It’s my damn practice!

But I suck lately at yoga. I cheated on myself in a big way by letting my practice slide all summer.

I let summer have its way with me, and now…I’m way less strong. Far less fit. Almost inflexible.

And this damned class is so DAMN...

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September is the New January

Oct 23, 2018

Here, on the edge of summer, I want to explore a lie most of us tell ourselves:

This summer, I’ll slow down.

Did you race to fit in all that summer allows?

I did. Here’s why:

Summer’s a paradox:

  • We want it to be leisurely. And we want to do all the things & see all the people!
  • We love the long days. And sometimes they feel too long.
  • We embrace the lack of a schedule. And sometimes it feels chaotic.

That little AND word makes us feel like we’re not keeping promises to ourselves!

It’s like, I’ll let the kids stay up...

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The reality of my life is nothing to aspire to

Oct 23, 2018

Who in your social media feed do you need to snooze, unfollow, or unfriend?

There were peeps in my feed who brought me nothing but unpleasantness.
Irritation. Downright anger!

I had to hide some of them because I kept comparing my life to theirs.

It can be anyone you follow-

  • An inspiring author who doesn’t seem to ever have a bad day.
  • An entrepreneur who only makes more & more & more money.
  • A lifestyle influencer who never gains a pound but eats whatever she wants.

None of this is reality. Everything can be curated & cultivated.

Check out...

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Who I Used To Be Ain't Pretty

Oct 23, 2018

My sweet nieces love to look at old high school pics of my sister & me.

Ooof. It was not a good time for hair or eyewear.

Or – apparently – Jen Grimm.

In any photo of me from 1981 – 1992, I look like a miserable jerk.

I mean – it’s not just the lack of the smile. That’s a downright SCOWL. I look mean. Unhappy. Hateful.

My nieces don’t know me as Scowly Aunt Jen.

They think I’m nice. They’ve only known adult Aunt Jen.

I mean – I’m not fooling anyone or being phony: they know I don’t put...

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How oppressive loneliness changed my life

Oct 23, 2018

Ever had an experience that feels like it lasted forever?

A shitty relationship? The worst job ever?

Time slows down when we’re unhappy.

When I lived in Manhattan through the ‘90s, time went SLOWLY.


It was confusing to me. I mean, I was living in NYC! Center of the Universe!

Why would anyone live anywhere else?

I worked 9 to 5. Was at the gym until 7pm each night. Had OOOODles of time to myself every day.

I spent every dollar earned drinking, eating, and shopping my way through the city.

Best. Life. Ever. Right?

Now picture reality:...

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Three steps to overcome self-sabotage

Oct 23, 2018

I self-sabotage in many ways.

But one of my stupidest ways is checking email all. day. long.

Here’s how it goes:

I use email as my “to-do” list. It provides a constant hit of dopamine and concrete tasks to tick off my list.

Concrete tasks are nice for entrepreneurs: way easier than, “Come up with idea for blog” or “Update website” or “Create new coaching program”.

Email is a perfectly acceptable distraction. Better than Instagram. Or wine.

Sometimes I even use it to panic about how much work there is.


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What to do when your project feels like it's failing

Oct 23, 2018

Jen, I’m so stuck. My husband thinks I’ve given my idea enough time, but it hasn’t made enough money. I’m thinking it’s time to go back to work at a regular job.

I receive a version of this email/text/call about once a week from various clients.

If you’re a Creative Woman, you’ve probably felt exactly this way.

Is there someone in your life who doesn’t believe in your idea? Or, are you not making money and you feel guilty & frustrated & overwhelmed?

If you’re considering putting your dream off...

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