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Unfortunately, I dreamed of being RICH RICH RICH!

Aug 16, 2020

It’s 1959 & your husband has unexpectedly died. You have two sons – 9 & 12.

Being a single woman in 1959, you don’t have an education or many options.

You go to work doing the only work you think you’re qualified for: cleaning at a local nursing home.

This is my beloved Mema’s story.

As a child, I had no idea what her job actually was. All I knew is she came home very tired.

I imagine now it was probably a physically demanding & relentless job for very little pay.

Though somehow she always had Peter Pan peanut butter (not that No Frills brand we...

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My family went on vacation without me – and it was friggin’ GREAT!

Aug 09, 2020

Maybe at the beginning of COVID quarantine you began to love the scaling back of ‘shit to do’.

The “doing less”…

Maybe there was more quiet in your life…

I’m not gonna bullshit you & say everything’s been COVID-hunky dory over here in LiddyLand.

I’ve been scared & upset & flat out terrified –

But also – I’ve been quite happy to NOT run around, circling the city with errands, appointments, drop offs, pick ups, etc. etc. etc..

Quarantining made me ask myself, “What the HELL was I SO BUSY DOING?”

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Not Being Seen Is Holding You Back

Aug 02, 2020

The doctor shrugged at me. I’d just turned 40, and shit was starting to go south.

Not sleeping. Weight gain. ZERO libido. Exhaustion.

He shrugged and said, “Well. You’re 40. That’s what it’s like.”



What the actual frick, man??


This moment began my search to be SEEN. My 40s became a roller coaster of physical & mental health challenges.

Eventually, I did find the right doctors, therapists, coaches, & healers –

But one thing has eluded me – My hormones.

For 10 years, I...

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When you’re clueless about what makes you special

Jul 26, 2020

I’ve told you about my $250,000 Ph.D. in business, right?

It was exquisitely personalized – teaching me business from the inside out –

which is why it cost so much.

I paid for it with a $25K upfront investment, no salary draw, & plenty of sweat equity.

Take that part about the sweat literally – it was a fitness studio startup.

At the beginning, I constantly thought, “I’m just a teacher. I don’t know anything about business.”

I was good at getting shit done, but there was nothing particularly special about me.

Have you ever done that?...

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How to make your offer sound special

Jul 19, 2020

Before COVID, I had an unwavering commitment to my eyelash extensions – like, maybe more serious than to my marriage. ;)

But now, I don’t wanna go back to them – because of both time & money. So I need a good mascara.

Which one, tho? I’m ridiculously lazy about research.

This is why I crowdsource for information – and thank god for my 946 Facebook friends, who were very happy to answer the question:

“What’s your favorite mascara?”

Um. Holy shee-it.

Do you have ANY idea how passionate women are about mascara?

An AVALANCHE of responses...

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No one was expecting that superpower

Jul 12, 2020

I hit a nerve last week.

MANY readers sent thank you messages after my post because I talked about how we’re not failures because…

*THIS* job wasn’t “it” … And *NOPE* - not that thing wasn’t it either… AND also

*OMG* I spent money on this training – but that wasn’t it too!

We’re the SUM of all. our. things.

I asked my new Mastermind clients a tough question: “What’s YOUR superpower?”

Want to know why it’s so hard?
‘Cuz no one encouraged us to think about what makes us DIFFERENT for most of...

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My 13-year-old Mansplained how “You wasted ALL that time, Mom.”

Jul 05, 2020

Jack sidled up next to me yesterday at the picnic table & checked out my screen so he could comment on what I was up to.

You need to know that my kiddo is 13, precocious, opinionated, and likes to sometimes Mansplain stuff to me.

My screen portrayed a slide deck in its infancy – and said USP - Unique Selling Proposition.

“What’s it mean?”

I told him, “It’s your super power. The way you uniquely bring something to the marketplace.

Kind of like a recipe of several things that make people want to buy FROM YOU specifically.”

I’ll tell you -...

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Will anyone pay for this?

Jun 28, 2020

Two years ago, I thought I had a superpower.

But was it REALLY a superpower? I mean – this thing was soooo easy for me to do.

This speaks to a long-standing limiting belief deep inside my mind that for something to be VALUABLE –

(i.e. other people will pay for it)

it needs to feel HARD. I need to WORK for it.

One breezy May afternoon, the opportunity to test this theory dropped into my lap.

In this huge Facebook group I’m a member of, a woman name Lindsay posted about a problem I knew I could help her with –

“I have a course spinning around inside my head. I ...

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How to figure out what’s the right next thing to do

Jun 14, 2020

Have you ever spent looking endlessly at a white page, cursor blinking? That was me this weekend, thinking about what I wanted to talk about today.

I repeatedly asked myself, Do I trust myself to write this? Should I hit “publish”?

I did the digital version of crumpling up the yellow legal pad paper & throwing it towards the garbage pail, only to start again, unsure where to go.

Unsure what to do.

For hours.

Have you been struggling with this feeling of self-doubt in life or business? Or both?

There’s a LOT going on in my life right now that’s making me question...

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I've made this much & I can make it again

Jun 08, 2020

We’d been on the phone for almost 2 hours -

I’d never done anything like this before, & frankly, I was scared, deep down.

Kweku Riverson, a coach who works with his wife Jessica, was explaining how their coaching program I was interested in worked.

It was exactly what I needed to bust open my business - but I was fixated on the price. I’d never invested in myself at this level -

It was a $5000 program for 10 weeks. I knew it was valuable.

But I didn’t trust myself.

Didn’t trust I’d be able to implement what I learned.

Or that I could make back the...

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