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I’ve already failed in the New Decade

Jan 05, 2020

I’ll be honest with you, friend. I could NOT get my shit together at the end of 2019.

Yea, yea - it was holidays. All the family things. Gifts to buy & wrap. And travel.

So much distraction & overwhelm.

I spent a lot of time comparing myself to what other people were doing, and that sucked a lot of time and energy.

It also just sucked.

Then The Plague struck our household. No one could breathe through their nose, complete a task, or sleep through the night.

And for the first time in 16 months, I did not record a podcast. It would’ve been my first of 2020.

I had no voice....

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My Holey Brain

Dec 29, 2019

Today I gave a cursory glance to my right at a stop sign. Turned left.

And THEN it registered in my brain there was a car at that stop sign who CLEARLY had the right of way.

Oh, God. I’ve turned into THAT jackass.

Sigh. It’s time to admit I have a problem.

I’m always thinking about what’s next. What’s on the list. What I can cross off. How I’m gonna get it all done??

I’m scattered and frazzled.

Hardly present. Distracted, edgy, and living in the future.

Here’s why: I’m terrified I’m going to forget something. So I must do it NOW....

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Decision Fatigue : Get A Little More Energy This Week

Dec 22, 2019

Back in the olden days of 1980-something, my dad complained about the thousands of decisions he’d make every day at work.

As a teenager, I’d sarcastically think, Jeez, Dad. Poor you.

I mean, how hard is it to make decisions all day long?

Sounds like a luxury! I mean - kids don’t get to make any decisions! You’re fighting for every decision you want to make - what to wear, where to go, what to eat.

What a fool I was.

What I’d give now to not have to make decisions!

But for my clients and me, it’s not the BIG decisions that are killing us: it’s the...

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Is Something WRONG With Me?

Dec 15, 2019

I’ve been checking out social media on and off over the last month, and I’m always both impressed and stunned by what people can pull off during the most difficult most wonderful time of the year.

How does everyone else out there DO IT ALL??

All those parents who make their little Elves jump off the shelves and perform death-defying feats - EVERY SINGLE NIGHT…

The people who run from party to party, looking fabulous & pulled together - having FUN FUN FUN!

Those organized people who are DONE buying their gifts, and already have ‘em wrapped up - underneath the...

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Meltdown on a High Street

Dec 08, 2019

I feel like an IDIOT.

I’m sure no one else in my place would have such a hard time, but I’m about to LOSE IT.

Rain’s pouring into my hair & down my face - which is driving me freaking crazy.

My cheery bright blue down coat is now soaked - an albatross, weighing me down.

I’m also starting to physically overheat, causing me to panic. I hate these intense hot flashes that take over my body.

The map I’m “reading” is in English, but it may as well be Russian - I can’t make out where I’m supposed to go to meet our tour bus.


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How She Didn’t Disappear Inside a Crazy Year

Dec 01, 2019

It was the perfect storm - one of those crazy years Christine could easily disappear inside of.

In the next years’ time, one daughter would get married. The other would graduate high school. And a huge interstate move was coming her way.

She knew herself well enough to know that business-as-usual meant she’d be taking care of everyone else’s BIG needs.

Christine sat across from me & said, “I don't want to be sitting here at this time next year wondering what’s next FOR ME.”

I swear, I almost cried for her because I knew she was about to have an EPIC...

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The Hardest Thing I've Had To Admit ...

Nov 28, 2019

Sometimes the things that affect our business, don’t have anything to do with the business itself.

It has to do with our own internal struggles that we deal with on a day to day basis.

It’s difficult to admit but…

I used to let my weight affect my business.

Sounds a little out there, but let me explain.

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about my brilliant friend Alice Patterson and how she explained to me how photos can really affect your branding.

If you’ve been around awhile, you’ve seen her work on my social media feeds, and blogs.


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Ever Get Caught Up In Originality?

Nov 26, 2019

Do you ever feel like you can’t put your stuff out there because it’s not 100% your idea?

With all the content that’s out there, it’s easy to see why getting hung up on being 100% original all the time can freeze us in the moment.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, we are all constantly learning.

Pulling a bit of information from here.
Taking a little tidbit of knowledge from over here.
Putting a slight spin on a process we learned somewhere else.

At the end of it all, you end up with something that works for you in a way that the “original” idea...

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It’s not too late

Nov 24, 2019

Jack sat at the table, incredibly agitated. He’d seen a man across the dining room of the restaurant and was upset by him.

The man, an older man - well into his 70s - was having a bottle of wine, eating alone.

His solitude made Jack sad, so he created a story that the man was awaiting a dinner partner. It quickly became clear that the gentleman was waiting for no one.

He’d taken himself to dinner.

This rubbed Jack’s soul the wrong way, and the more Jack watched the man, the more upset he got.

He wanted to connect with the man. Let him know that he’d been seen, that...

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Freedom is in the Planning

Nov 17, 2019

Annie & I had about 7 minutes left on our call back in September when I asked about her marketing plan for the holiday season.

She groaned & said she hadn’t thought about it.

I said, “Let’s bang it out now. We can hammer out all 10 weeks of content topics & a schedule.”

She was doubtful, but 7 minutes later, she had an entire plan laid out in front of her. She breathed a sigh of relief…

And I’ve watched her emails (I’m on her list) roll in every week without fail. She doesn’t have to think about it - she just has to work the plan....

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