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HOW she made the leap - and why she never went back... ft. Colleen Commisso

Dec 12, 2018

This teacher knew she needed to do something different to get her family out of a financial sitch. So she started a side hustle...and what it turned into blew her mind.

Colleen Commisso will tell you today HOW she made the leap - and why she never went back...

We also cover what to do when EVERYONE around you is telling you "they don't get what you're doing". do you not listen to that?

Want something MORE for yourself? So did Colleen! Learn HOW she did it - because she'll tell you the TRUTH.

Meet Colleen Commisso

Colleen Commisso has been on quite the career journey. She started...

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Do We Have the Right to Change?

Dec 09, 2018

Nine years ago, I posted on Facebook, It’s a Monday & also the first of the month! What a perfect day make a change & start again!

A fairly positive sentiment, right? But at that time, I wasn’t particularly positive IRL.

I got comments like, “Who ARE you?” “Are you OK?” “What’s going on with you?”

They stung; I questioned whether I had the right to say something positive since I’d never been a positive person.

Do we have the right to change? To decide who we want to be next?

I mean: imagine you’ve stayed exactly the...

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How to Achieve Success When Your Idea Feels 'Unnecessary' in the World with Special Guest Claudia Kosty

Dec 04, 2018

Do you provide a product or service that feels “Fluffy”...“Luxury”...“Extra”... OR


We hold ourselves back when we don't believe what we have to offer is important.

Meet someone who OVERCAME that exact sabotaging thought!

Claudia Kosty, solopreneur will tell you HOW she was able to get out of her own way! Learn HOW she did it in real life. She’s a skin care specialist in DeWitt, New York and runs her own business called “The Epidermis Gal”.

Claudia’s Story

She wasn’t always a business owner, but she still...

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How to Move On When You Screw Up

Dec 02, 2018

Have you ever had a text come in with an irritating issue you have to solve for? The kind that undoes something you’ve already put in place?

Something problematic (but not the end of the world) comes in, and you start the mental gymnastics to fix it.

Recently, this happened to me. A text sent me waaaaay into my head, climbing on to the internal hamster wheel to figure out a solution.

At that moment, my son Jack walked in the room - having no idea what was going on in my head or my phone - and DARED ask me a question!

Still, on the mental hamster wheel, I snapped at him!

My tone was...

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What to do when you’re totally unmotivated!

Dec 01, 2018

We all have days where we wake up and we don’t want to get out of our pajamas. We lounge around scrolling through social media and possibly indulging in other guilty pleasures. My husband found me in such a state and asked me what was going on.


I was feeling lonely and lacking hobbies and interests. He pointed out to me how much I enjoy yoga and suggested it as something that could help me solve this problem. I found a thousand excuses as to why I couldn’t. I was that unmotivated.

Have you ever felt this way?


Let’s be real I can make time for yoga. I can look...

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Here are ALL the mistakes I made JUST last week

Nov 27, 2018

Some weeks we just seem to make mistakes with each action we take.

My doctor called me letting me know that I haven’t gone to the gynecologist or gotten a breast screening in TWO YEARS! Where has the time gone? From there I ended up having a plethora of hiccups. I went to a funeral and stood in the absolute wrong place to stand. I went to the completely wrong location for a networking event. I left my car running for two hours in a Barnes and Noble parking lot. The list could go on and on!

Normally I’m a fairly together person, but this week was a real challenge.

How do you...

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How Does Replaying A Story Steal Your Time and Your Peace of Mind?

Nov 27, 2018


Have you ever stumbled across your old journals?

About a year ago I found my journal from my teenage years. Full of angst and complaint all I could think when I read through it was “Am I allowed to throw away these thoughts? Do I want my kid to have access to these when I die?”

The answer is that I am allowed and that Jack doesn’t need to know all the things I whined about as a teenager. I tossed them in the trash and haven’t missed them since.

I didn’t want to relive all the emotions and general dissatisfaction of life that I felt when I was younger....

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Are you re-opening old wounds via your phone?

Nov 25, 2018

Ever share the intricate back & forth of an entire text conversation with a friend?

He wrote…And I said back…then he responded with…

Can you BELIEVE THAT? Do you see the INJUSTICE!?!? No?

Ok, well, let me explain WHY this is so terrible! First, she said….Then I said….

Many of us relive these painful dramas numerous times, and I realized something about this practice:

It’s SUPER bad for our brain, searing the perceived wound! We wallow & ruminate…

“Lemme make sure I got what she said right!”

“Did I miss something? Ima...

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I Made a $150 MISTAKE!

Nov 24, 2018

Has anyone else ever missed their flight?  

This morning, I had a 6:10AM flight to Charlotte. The night before I set the alarm and went to sleep with no worries in my mind. Well, guess what? The alarm never went off and we woke up at 6AM to an alert that my flight was taking off...without us.

I screwed up and I panicked. In the haze of my fuzzy, barely awake brain, I was completely confused as what to do. How could my phone be telling me my flight was taking off when I wasn’t there? How could it be morning when it was pitch dark outside? What do I do in this situation? All these...

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What to do when you’re not a “planner” & how it affects your time

Nov 22, 2018

This week in my Timemasters group, I addressed the concern that a lot of creative women have when it comes to managing their time. Make a cup of coffee or tea, and take a few minutes to reflect with me about how you can use your time to actually generate more creativity and inspiration in your life!  

If you want to join in on the conversation and learn how you can manage your time better click the link to join my free Facebook Group “Time Masters”.

Click Here:

How do I plan when I hate planning? 

A member Phyllis,...

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