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The Confidence Mistake

May 13, 2019

The UPSIDE DOWN way I created confidence wasn’t working anymore.

Here’s what I figured out about it & HOW TO CHANGE THIS PROBLEM!

Waiting For Confidence

This week, in my group coaching group, we’ve been talking about what confidence really is and what it looks like. The great thing about my coaching group is the group calls that I host, so when a woman talks about a subject the others can chime in and relate. In this one call, I had a particular member talk the two different paths she could go down in her business. The first, she’s an expert in. When she was...

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Want more clients? Here’s how you get them…

May 06, 2019

In my group coaching program, one of my clients wants to develop an entire workshop. She knows that when she gets this set up that she can use this for content. It can be a blog, social media posts, etc. But she wants this workshop to attract her more clients. While we were going over it, we discovered a few lessons that I wanted to share with you!  I know that there is something you want to do. That you want to get done so that your business can thrive and you start attracting the clients that you want. Let’s go over how to get the clients you want and how to keep your own...

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What To Do When the Rules are Constantly Changing

May 05, 2019

It’s not an exaggeration to say that a year ago, I was afraid of Instagram.

 Do you use Instagram?

 Personally, I was loath to get on another social media platform. I’m a Facebook user and like it to connect with people, gather information, & share my content.

But I GROANED when I thought about Instagram. It’s visual - and I am not. I just didn’t GET it.

HONESTLY, I didn’t wanna get it. I was afraid of it because it made me feel like a moron.

Once I acknowledge my nonsense, I’m generally willing to work through it. Which I did.

I asked for...

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A little strategy to help you bloom inside & out…

May 01, 2019

You’re stuck & tired of being stuck. I am too.

There's somewhere in all of our lives where we feel a little stuck.

And other places where we're simulatenously rocking it out!

You can use BOTH of those to help you get what you want.

Today I share a story of an inspiring lesson from a 20-something young woman who got what SHE wanted.

Her self-possession astounded me. But I know you can do what she did...just in your own way!

Want to give kudos to my friend, photographer, and client Alice Patterson who BLOOMED today & made me so proud & happy to see!

Accepting Help


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Four Steps to Get What You’ve Always Wanted

Apr 28, 2019

We all suffer with THIS problem below, in some way:

You SAY you WANT a thing. But your ACTIONS say something very different.

Examples? Ohhhhh, so many. Here you go:

WANT: fit into my pants again
ACTION: fail to eat clean

WANT: widen my social circle
ACTION: fail to accept any invitations

WANT: business to make $5K+ per month
ACTION: fail to engage in marketing strategy

You get it.

When we do this, we’re out of alignment with ourselves.

We’ve earned our own distrust.

SO how do we get it back? How do we solve this problem?

#1 thing to REMEMBER! We’re not judging! That’s...

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She didn't have PLAN - but she knew she wanted something...MORE w/ Sharmin Wengender

Apr 24, 2019

Feeling a little low? A little lost? Want to learn how to make ALL the leaps you need to make - even if you're scared? Meet life coach Sharmin Wengender! Her story will inspire you & you'll feel like you got a private life coaching session. I promise - watch this woman and you WILL FEEL BETTER!

Meet Sharmin

Sharmin is a woman that does it all. She’s a life coach that helps teens, women, men, and couples all the while balancing her personal life and...oh yeah, hosting a radio show. She started as a nurse and since then has evolved. She had a very profound experience with an AIDs...

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How Annie Got Her Groove Back - and how you can too! (A lovely success story!)

Apr 21, 2019

Have you ever cheated - on yourself?

You know -  say you’re going to DO something, but then don’t. “Never get around to it”.

By the time I meet most of my clients, they’ve cheated on themselves HUNDREDS (maybe thousands) of times…

They SAY they want it really bad, but something else always comes up.

And I get it - life gets lifey. We get busy. Time gets away from us.

We mindlessly go through our days until we get to the end of the month & remind ourselves, “OMG! I promised myself I was going to ________”

  • Lose 10 pounds
  • Get 3 new...
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Don’t Let Imposter Syndrome Take Over

Apr 17, 2019

Feel like you’re behind so you can’t start? You don't know enough YET, so you're an imposter...

Who are you to start a business? To teach something to others?

Oh my gaaaahd, I struggle with this too. And today,

I channeled my mentor teacher from 20 years ago...

My 29-year-old self pops up when I feel this way! Take the advice that got me through teaching Shakespeare to high school seniors!

Imposter Syndrome

There are so many women that I meet that want to get their business started, but they think that they aren’t good enough. Imposter syndrome gets to the best of us and...

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How to do SOMETHING when you love EVERYTHING! w/ Kelly Covert

Apr 15, 2019

Kelly and I bounce ideas off each other a lot over chai lattes. She’s one of those people that can inspire you I hope to get your idea out in the world. Kelly started as a professional musician, teaching flute, and running races. There was a common thread between these three activities that led her to where she is now. While she still performs flute and balances her family with her work life, she has become an Inner Voice Coach. I hope that by listening to her interview you see that it’s sometimes the “little” steps that we take that lead to big results.

Meet Kelly...

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What Would It Be Like To Just Stop Struggling?

Apr 14, 2019

Last night my best friend Leslie & I were talking about weight. Weight loss. Frustration. Body Image. Blahdey blah blah.

All the things surrounding the topic of weight.

How I’m tired of struggling. How she’s tired of struggling.

What would it be like to just stop struggling?

And if we stopped struggling, who would we be?

Who would I be without my weight story?

What we realized - as we got SICK of the conversation, the topic, and ourselves - is basically this:

“Ok. We’ll do whatever it takes. JUST TELL US EXACTLY WHAT WILL WORK.”

But here’s the thing:...

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