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Are These Mistakes Keeping You From Launching Your Business?

Feb 04, 2019

I wanted to share two mistakes that made in my businesses that kept me from launching my products as easily as I could. My goal is to help women launch their ideas into the world, and I notice that a lot of women that I work with make the same mistakes. I want you to be successful and by sharing these mistakes I hope that you are able to avoid the same hiccups I did.

I Kept Telling Myself I’m NOT a Business Person

In my previous business, I had this mindset that I was not a business person. I wasn’t somebody who knew what I was doing, and this was not a helpful way to...

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Are you feeling left out in the cold, alone?

Feb 03, 2019

 We’re in the first week of February, and if you live in the Northeast, you’re probably cold. February is a dark month: preparations for New Year’s Eve feels like a year ago, and the shininess of our resolutions has worn off.

In February - especially in Syracuse, NY where I live - people are sick of the weather - and they’re also sick of themselves.

That’s why it’s usually the busiest month in my practice: I meet lots of people ready to make changes in their lives - and so they connect with me!

I’ve been thinking about my own connecting a lot...

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How to Declutter - And Get More Time Back Every Day with Elizabeth Brenner

Jan 28, 2019

Do you have a lot of STUFF in your life? Did you know that stuff steals your time & energy? But getting rid of it is so hard. I interviewed professional organizer Elizabeth Bremer of Put it Simply Organizing about HOW to start decluttering. You guys - she gives away SO MUCH GOLD in this interview. You will be able to start implementing her ideas right away. And if it's time for you to hire help - then seek her out! A professional can do this much more easily & in less time than you.

Meet Elizabeth

For around 8 or 9 years Elizabeth was working in an engineering consulting firm and...

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Are You Having Fun Yet?

Jan 27, 2019

I was sick of sitting on the couch, working. It had been a long week of slogging through some stuff, and I wanted a change in scenery.

I suggested to the family that we take the opportunity to go ice skating downtown.

It was met with lukewarm disinterest.

Instead, we went out for a dinner of terrible wings in a loud restaurant with hundreds of TVs where my son could easily be distracted by his choice of tennis, basketball, and a UFC weigh in.

All of that was more interesting than going ice skating, apparently.

Upon reflection of this Friday night with my family, I realize I’m a little...

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3 Ways to You Might be Staying Stuck with Your Ideas!

Jan 25, 2019

Today I wanted to talk to the creative women out there that have an idea stuck in their heads they just can’t get out. In my experience, this can be broken down into three main points.

They don’t know what their goal Is

This is a person who when you sit down with them, they know the general “gist” of what they would like to accomplish but it’s not very specific. This keeps them from being able to make a plan! How are you going to ask for help on something when you don’t know what steps you have to take? If you can get your goals in order, you’ll...

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What does it take for a HEALER to start a business? With Missie Schlegel

Jan 24, 2019

Meet Missie

Missie did what she was supposed to do. Went to high school, college then started working full time as an occupational therapist. Working in this field changed her life as it exposed her to trauma and what happens when people don’t take care of themselves. After throwing out her shoulders, she had a bodywork session that went on for four hours. Amazingly she walked away with no pain and knew at that moment, that was what she wanted to give to other people.

Missie went back to massage school while working, making it one of the craziest times of her life. She began...

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Leaving You Secure Job For Something More w/ Julie Causton

Jan 21, 2019

If you've ever had a great job but felt - maaaayyyyyybe there's something MORE for you out there - THIS is the interview to watch! Julie Causton left a secure job for something MORE. And she continues to create more - even when it's hard - and has designed a life that makes her happy and filled up.

Meet Julie Causton

Julie had a very cozy position at Syracuse University but got to this place in her life where she felt a sort of tap on the shoulder that she could do more. She loved her job. She loved her students. But she still felt a craving to do more with her life.

She specialized in...

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3 Steps to Squash Confusion & Create More Time

Jan 20, 2019

Are you confused about why -at the end of the week - you feel so exhausted?
Are you confused why you just can’t get it all done?

I mean - you probably have a new planner, right?

You probably have a to-do list, and you try to be as focused as possible.

I was doing this. I had lists and planners and plans. I carved out time & knew what I should be doing every moment of the day.

Yet, I was still overwhelmed. Exhausted. And not getting near enough done!

By the time most of my clients come to me, they’re at the same place I was: at end of their rope!

This makes it hard to know...

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The Power of Verbally Decluttering

Jan 18, 2019

In my Time Masters Group, I wanted to ask the members to start decluttering. Specifically saying out loud what they would love to declutter. There is a power for decluttering out loud.

Saying it Out Loud

An example that I have of this is from four years ago, when I’d hit the lowest point in my first business. I knew that it was time to leave, and I was feeling burned out. I will never forget sitting outside with one of my business partners “I can’t do this anymore.” The moment I said that, started some very tiny changes forward.

It took me six months to get out of...

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This Teacher Runs a THRIVING Business Without A Business Degree w/ Rebecca Oppedisano

Jan 16, 2019

I actually met Rebecca when I took my son Jack to one of her classes at Bluebird Music Together. Since then I’ve been lucky enough to keep up with her over the years and watch her grow from teacher to entrepreneur.

Meet Rebecca

Rebecca started out as a teacher of the programs at Bluebird Music Together. Then five years ago, she had the opportunity to buy the business. Now she’s the Owner and Director, while still balancing teaching classes and three kids.

She had always seen herself as a teacher and her educational background is all in education. While she hadn’t...

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