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How To Shift When Your Industry Changes with Donna Glassberg

Jan 26, 2021

Donna Glassberg has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years, and the owner of Orange Housing.

She's seen it all when it comes to technological advances in the real estate industry, and she's adapted to it amazingly.

Her ability to see problems, come to solutions, and adapt how she does business is absolutely incredible.

It's the reason she's been a front runner in her industry after all these years.

Her story is sure to encourage you to tackle any hurdle you may come across.

If you would like to learn more about Donna and her business please visit her website here: ...

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Are you sure you have the right BUTTS in the seats?

Jan 25, 2021

There's a mistake that a lot of content creators make and it's something that you've heard so many times and it's all about who are the asses in the seats of your audience?

If you don't know who's sitting in those seats it's very hard to make a content that actually lands with someone.

So today I really want you to think about this situation I'm going to put you in.

I want you to imagine that you have been paid, like, $12,000 to be a speaker and the people that you're speaking to are feminine CEOs.

These are women who have climbed up the ranks.

They have dealt with misogyny.
They have dealt...

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What If You Did It Differently?

Jan 24, 2021

The idea first came to me in 1996 on a downtown bus.

A young Manhattanite on the verge of being done with city life, I was lost.

What was next?

Sick of climbing 6 flights to my 450 sq. ft. apartment…

Tired of a pre-war bathroom with no sink

Done with the brutal loneliness, fantasizing about another city would solve these problems.

{It didn’t]

In a contemplative mood, I watched my fellow bus-riders…reading, listening to Walkmans, looking at the cityscape.

My eyes rested on an older woman reading Moby Dick. I wondered, “Why would anyone choose to read...

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Why Content Creation Is So Hard

Jan 17, 2021

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Where should I publish it?

“I have no idea if anyone will even see this.”

“What a friggin’ waste of time.”

This is what I’ve come to call the DREADmill of content creation - all in the name of generating value & trust with your audience.

You’re spending A LOT OF TIME writing emails, SOCIAL POSTS, and making offers …

Offers no one ever seems to take you up on…

Even though you’re doing EXACTLY what the gurus tell you to do -

IF this is you & you’re going...

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Who Are You Actually Impacting With Your Content?

Jan 10, 2021

Imagine a high school hallway - any generic high school hallway will do - and imagine two young women practically dancing down the hallway, arm in arm -

giggling in a way only certain unaffected, un-self-conscious people (NOT ME) can pull off…

It’s 2003, four days before Thanksgiving…and these two returned from their freshman year at college to visit their teachers & gloat to their younger friends.

They were absolutely blissed out - all the drama of high school dissipated.

They were so freaking HAPPY.

Glowing, radiant college Freshmen, excited to show off, thrilled...

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Secrets of Effective Content Creation

Jan 03, 2021

There’s a meme going around that says, You’re cordially invited to a very special Zoom -

And the next pic is NOOOOOOOO!

I’m living for shit like this right now, because…any kind of online thing - holiday concert, artisanal craft fair, a New Year’s Eve party…


How ‘bout you? 

I mean - yes, I’ll GO. I’m not a MONSTER.

(I’m starving for connections because I’m an extrovert…)

But I’m TIRED. Of my face. Of ZOOM backgrounds. Of the...

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Make Room For Solutions TO Come Into Your Life & Business with Raechelle Johnson

Dec 27, 2020

Rae is the The Solution Architect (How freaking perfect is that title, btw?) - an Innovative Strategist & International Speaker who basically teaches you how to stop your problems from slapping you in the face.

And create a simplified approach to usher GOOD stuff into your life & business!

If you’re struggling to see the forest because of all the trees,

And you know there’s a problem - but you can’t quite figure it out -

This conversation will help you!

Rae breaks down the FIVE simple steps of how to stop spinning your wheels so you can move to a more productive...

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What to do when you have no idea what’s wrong

Dec 27, 2020

I come home & everyone wants a piece of me. I AM SO SICK OF IT!

Meet RJ - a client who didn’t know exactly what was wrong - only that SOMETHING was keeping her miserable. 

She felt exhausted & overwrought, every night -

and she’d come home to her family & be SO irritated - with the world, really - that she’d either retreat, get nasty & rude, or start YELLING.

The worst part was that she hated herself for it. But she couldn’t stop because she couldn’t diagnose what the problem was.

Have you ever experienced this? You know SOMETHING’s...

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2 RIDICULOUSLY EASY Strategies For More Organic Reach On Facebook

Dec 22, 2020


I'm talking about visibility and how to be more seen.

It's really, really hard to do when you feel like you're working so hard on your content and maybe you're even being consistent and you're showing up but like you're getting nothing.

No comments.
No likes.

I want you to know it's not necessarily your fault.

There's a lot going on on Facebook right now.
There's a lot going on in the world right now.
It's a really noisy.

I have a client in my Mastermind program whose goal for visibility this month is to grow her Facebook business page by 200 followers.

But what I know about Facebook...

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Being disorganized doesn’t mean you’re unsuccessful: Busting myths about goals, habits, & willpower

Dec 20, 2020

“What are you doing for fun right now?” This from my friend Jennifer, looking for ideas for herself.

Ummmm. Ugggg. This question stops me dead. FUN? Welllllll….

I’m definitely NOT the person to go to for advice on fun.

You’re probably doing cool FUN stuff like playing games, having creative ZOOM parties, getting crafty & artsy, gardening, hiking, reading -

Me? Wellllll - 16 years ago we bought a large 112-year-old house & amassed a LOT of stuff from our families -

Nice antiques & general old shit. In the spirit of frugality, and because we had...

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