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I WAS BIT BY A SCORPION! But it taught me an important lesson…

Mar 04, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I went on vacation but after talking with my friend realized I hadn’t told people. Now, I want to let everyone know that I am fine, but what I learned from this experience is much more interesting than the details of my scorpion bite.

Why did I bury the LEAD??

I was talking to a friend about my vacation and she asked me “Why didn’t you lead with that!?!? Why didn’t you tell me for 15 minutes that you had been bitten by a scorpion?”

I realized at that moment that it was the drama of the vacation. It was the dramatic story that a lot of...

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I Was Beyond Stuck - 8 Years of a Backward Slide!

Mar 03, 2019

You ever do the “I don't wanna…” dance with yourself?

  • I don’t wanna go to that party…
  • I don’t wanna go to the gym…
  • I don’t wanna take that risk.

That “I don’t wanna” feeling?

It’s called resistance. I’m exploring this idea this month, sharing what resistance looks like, how it keeps us stuck, and what to do about it!

Let me start with a ridiculous example of resistance in my own life…

It started in 2011, when I had a recurring rash around my mouth for MONTHS. I’d gone to the doctor and the...

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A classic mistake that keeps you from the success you desire…

Feb 25, 2019

At the very beginning of my clients' journey of creating a business, they make one major mistake. So many are frustrated as to why they aren’t making money! The first thing that I do is have them get very clear as to who they want to help and how. This is something that everyone with a new business should do and it’s honestly exciting to go through ts process.

Then “shiny object syndrome” sets in…

They start thinking of ALL the different services they could offer people to attract different clients. So many ideas come into their head and they want to put out...

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When “Busy” is Code For “I Don’t Wanna”

Feb 24, 2019

Right now, I’m on a much-needed sunny vacation on an isolated island.

Only 50 people live here; they’re called Belongers.

They’re deeply connected to this island, their lifestyle, and each other. It’s difficult for a non-Belonger to understand.

It makes me sad when I talk to a woman who wants to get something for herself but isn’t willing to connect to what she really needs.

She won’t’ stop shoulding all over herself.

  • I should be able to do this by myself.
  • I should be able to figure this out by now.
  • I should know how to do this already.


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Has Isolation Sneaked Up On You?

Feb 17, 2019

If you’ve been reading along this month, you know I’m talking about isolation and how it keeps us from getting what we want. It steals our time & energy - and then we don't move forward.

We hide instead!

It’s easy to get sucked into the isolation vortex because we don’t notice it’s happening.

Let’s go back to my ski widow weekends: on paper, the fact that my husband takes my kid and leaves all day Saturday and all day Sunday sounds like an absolute DREAM, right?

I tell other women about this and their eyes light up with envy. They say,...

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Use Your Passion For Fashion To Change Your Life w/ Jackie Terribile

Feb 15, 2019

You have a big job. Then you have kids. You decide to stay home with ‘em. Then what? What if you want a little more than that? For Jackie Terribile, it was taking a leap fueled by her love of fashion to start a business!Learn how this stay-at-home-mom balances running a family & a business - with strong boundaries so she can stay in alignment with her core values!


Meet Jackie Terribbile

She began her career in New York City working in marketing and advertising but ended up transitioning into fashion. Living the NYC stylist lifestyle was incredible, but it was incredibly...

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Is “Overwhelm” The New Smoking?

Feb 13, 2019

Well, smoking was bad for you. Then sitting was the new smoking. Now, I feel like busy is the new smoking. We know getting to a place of overwhelm isn’t good for our brains. We know this, but we still fall into this trap. We put so many things on our plates that we can’t even think straight.

I have so many clients that WANT to bring their idea to life, and even though the plan is feasible there is so much to “take care of” that they don’t act on it. That’s some brain fog if I ever heard it. We need to get clarity to make room for our plan of action when...

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Do you feel like you could do SO MANY THINGS? with Lisa Sears

Feb 11, 2019

Lisa Sears- she has so many interests, talents, and levels of expertise, that it was really hard to nail down what she wanted to do with it all! If you're a multi-passionate person who loves to wear many hats, tune in tonight. Learn HOW to honor yourself! Lisa's story will help you be inspired, feel good about YOU, and take action!

Meet Lisa Sears

Lisa loves to tell people that she’s a quiter! She had a wonderful career at the same place for 18 years where she started at the bottom and ended up joining the executive team. After quitting, she ended up finding another position and she...

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Why My Brain Thinks This is a Crappy Idea

Feb 10, 2019

I don’t care whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert: isolation breeds doubt.

Here’s what I mean: when I’m working alone, day after day, in my own private silo, I don’t have any colleagues to bounce ideas off of.

That’s when I start to doubt myself.

I think, “Is this a crappy idea? Is any of this gonna work?”

And because our brains like to keep us safe & efficient, my beautiful brain tells me,

“Of course it’s crappy! Don’t take that risk! You’re insane for even thinking about this! Go back to what you were...

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The #1 Mistake You’re Making When Trying To Reach Your Goals and How To STOP

Feb 08, 2019

The number one problem that I find my clients experience when trying to bring their goal to life is confusion about where their time goes. They don't understand why they get to the end of a week and haven't been able to get anything done.

This leads them to an insane amount of confusion in other places of their life.

They wonder:

Why do I have zero energy?

Where do I want my energy to go?

What next steps should I even take?

Here's why we have no energy: We spend a ton of time in other people's business.

When you analyze where your time is going, you'll likely find you're giving...

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