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The Mistake I Was Making With My Audience

Mar 01, 2021

Today I want to talk about a mistake I was making across my business that turned out to be a content mistake.

But it was also kind of a mistake I was making everywhere in my business and it's so easy for you to fix.

One of the things I was doing at the beginning of my coaching business was I was speaking to the wrong audience and I was holding this audience in my mind every time I created content.

And this is what that audience looked like.

I really wanted to help creative entrepreneurs.

Women specifically who were maybe identifying as mompreneurs.

That's kind of where I was at the time.


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Stop Overloading Your Audience

Feb 28, 2021

“Have you poked around inside the membership site?”

In these onboarding calls with every new Content Creator’s Studio member, I’m connecting personally to ensure she doesn’t get lost.

(Memberships are notorious for overwhelm & confusion! They can be a labyrinth of trainings, information, recordings, PDFs, etc. etc. etc.)

Almost everyone I spoke to gave a version of Ugggg, I haven’t gotten back there! I did your first training & now I’m focused on THAT for right now.

How’d that make me feel? 

Thrilled! I was beaming because...

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Today’s message is brought to you by the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee.

Feb 21, 2021

This Committee of noisy critics lives inside our heads, bringing us thoughts like, 

“You’re so inconsistent. What IS wrong with you?”

“Automations & systems? HA! You don’t have time for that. Just keep patching everything together.”

“How is she so much further along? You started at the same time.

“BRANDING? Ha! What you have can barely be called a brand.”

The Committee convenes for meetings weekly - sometimes daily or even hourly.

How often does your IBSC meet?

Last week, I noticed my clients were consistently...

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Dissolve The Thoughts That Are Holding You Back with Patti Lustig

Feb 21, 2021

No matter how much I try - I JUST CAN NOT MOVE FORWARD.

“I hate my job but can’t bring myself to quit…”

“I want more clients but don’t feel worthy of my pricing…”

OR - taking the STEPS TO BE VISIBLE in your business feels IMPOSSIBLE.

Ringing true? 

(A little too true?)  

You’ve gotta meet Patti Lustig - healer, practitioner, coach, with SO MUCH experience helping people have more EASE in their lives.

Today we’ll show you a modality to help you dissolve thoughts that are holding you back - 

And it’s called...

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How To Stop Struggling With Chaos & Overwhelm with Jennifer Sherwood

Feb 15, 2021

You may feel like everything is disorganized, you just can't find what you should be doing with your days effectively, and you just can't get a handle on time management.

If this sounds like you, then I'd like you to meet Jennifer Sherwood! Jennifer is a certified coach, speaker, and writer who loves working with women who are overwhelmed and helps them find their inner calm. Her goal is to guide them in creating a life on their own terms that they really LOVE and not just tolerate.

Jennifer also happens to be a client of mine and is in my The Content Creator's Mastermind, and we also go...

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The Shame of Asking for Help

Feb 14, 2021

When the health care worker quietly uttered, “You’ve tested positive for COVID19” shame set right in.

How could I have gotten COVID? I followed all the (stringent) rules of our state! 

Went nowhere for almost a year! Wore my mask; washed my hands.

Wasn’t in crowds. 

In fact, the shame was so hot & immediate, that when I got in the car where John was waiting, I felt downright DIRTY…

like I’d done something WRONG. 

As I began to tell the people in my life, I could feel a secret shame flaring up inside.

Like I had a Scarlet C on my chest...

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I feel ashamed when something is easy

Feb 07, 2021

Back in December 2020, outlining my Q1 content topics, I’d planned to write about creating EASE for February 2021.

I had no idea the perspective I’d be writing from: being FORCED into creating ease because of physical pain & illness.

Since I feel shameful when anything is easy, learning how to invite in EASE is obv a lesson I have to learn repeatedly.

Kinda like I don’t deserve it if it came effortlessly. Only with hardship should I be awarded that thing! 


Is there someplace in your life that’s feeling way too freakin’ HARD for you?

Why this...

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Creating More Ease In Your Life WIth Marisa Corcoran

Feb 05, 2021

If you’ve ever gotten to the end of your goal - achieved it - then just simply moved on to the next thing?

And you just keep going - on to the next thing - until you maybe feel depleted or burned out.

Marisa helps coaches & creative create an uncopyable message so you can magnetically attract clients to you. She helps clients click-in their copy & messaging to make it EASIER.

Marisa had just come off a $250K launch of a group program and was about to launch another smaller version of her program, but she realized she hadn’t given herself a chance to celebrate…


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Becoming More Visible In Your Business with Anna Sabino

Feb 01, 2021

One of the things I hear all the time from women who are trying to be more visible is that FEAR is the main reason they don’t take the next steps in their business.

You may be fearful of being judged, and maybe it’s from the discussion of having to set your prices and knowing your WORTH.

If this is something that you resonate with, I'd love for you to meet Anna Sabino! Anna is a result-driven and efficiency-focused branding and business coach who an expert on how to get started on being seen.

She knows all about creating a visibility strategy that is sustainable and how exposure...

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Why I’m DONE with my ‘perfect’ business

Jan 31, 2021

January 18th was, erm, eventful.

Hobbled by stabbing back pain, I freezer burned my butt trying to take care of it!

…dropped a heavy measuring tape & broke my pinky toe (sooooo dumb).

…and got diagnosed with COVID.

Two days later, the hubs got the call that he was positive too,

so we relegated our 13-year-old kiddo to Feral Child Status, with two parents in literal isolation.

Oh! When I finally emerged from my COVID-induced fugue state, my car battery had died.

I know we’re over here in 2021, but January smelled a lot like 2020.

To get through - I literally had to...

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